Cyber security: A gift that keeps on giving!

Who doesn’t love seasonal surprises? That’s why we have curated this Advent calendar for you to refresh your digital self-defense skills. Open a new door every day and discover helpful tips on how to be safer in the digital space. Don’t forget to also share the calendar with your team and loved ones – to ensure a safe holiday season for everyone!

Open your gifts

Advent Calendar

Behind each door is a helpful cyber gift, designed to boost your awareness throughout the festive season and beyond. This year’s calendar also includes some holiday-themed phishing templates. Will you find them all?


Want to get the whole Advent calendar as a follow-up bundle?

We realize the festive season is often busy and you may want to go through all the Advent calendar content with more time again. Fill in the form and we’ll send you the complete calendar as a bundle after the holidays!



In collaboration with

Filled with festive spirit, these partners are also offering their own cyber gifts in the Advent calendar:

  • Sosafe is Allianz für Cyber Sicherheit Partner
  • Bosch CyberCompare Logo
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Cybersicherheit Logo

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