Background: Phishing & Social Engineering

What exactly is phishing? And how often is it used for cyberattacks? And what about social engineering, CEO fraud and ransomware?


of all users click on links in e-mails from unknown senders.


of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing e-mail.


of all companies worldwide are victims of targeted phishing attacks at least once a year.

Companies and their employees are in the focus of fraudsters and hackers. And for a long time already, it hasn’t just been about account details. For example, the majority of digital industrial espionage begins with a phishing e-mail. This results in an annual loss of 5.6 billion euros in Germany alone.

Technical protection options against hacking attacks or spam mailings are becoming more and more effective. Nevertheless, even with the best filters and firewalls, too many damaged mails still get into the mailboxes of your employees.

At the same time, the tricks of cyber criminals are becoming more and more perfidious and sophisticated. And a single click is enough to endanger your money, your data, your trade secrets.

Our goal: to prepare you and your employees in the best possible way for possible cyber attacks and to train the right handling of them through simulated phishing tests and accompanying e-learning modules for IT security. We are also happy to provide you with free test modules!