Further capital for accelerated growth: As part of a pre-Series A round, SoSafe GmbH raised a seven-figure sum of capital from the existing investors Global Founders Capital.

SoSafe GmbH receives further capital for accelerating growth. As part of a pre-series A round, the young company raised a seven-figure sum of capital from existing investors Global Founders Capital.

“The topic we are dealing with is very topical – and its relevance will increase considerably in the coming years,” says Dr. Niklas Hellemann, one of the managing directors of SoSafe. “Both the many successful hacking attacks in recent months and the current dramatic number of attacks related to the Corona/Covid-19 point this out. And at a time when more and more companies are switching to mobile work, raising employee awareness is more important than ever.”

“We help companies to strengthen their ‘human firewall’ in an efficient way. And not only 100% GDPR compliant, but also, above all, precisely and perfectly adapted to the respective context,” says Felix Schürholz, CTO and one of the managing directors of SoSafe. “In the meantime, we can also configure the contents of the e-learning modules to customer-specific,so that e.g. the company’s password guidelines or the correct contact details of the IT department are included in it. No other provider offers this in this form.”

With this positioning, SoSafe seems to have hit the market just right. “Last year, we were able to increase our sales almost tenfold. In addition, we have been writing black figures since the early summer of 2019, but at the same time we have been able to more than double our team to just under 40 employees at present,” says Lukas Schaefer, the third managing director at SoSafe. The strong customer growth was also one of the reasons that convinced Matthias Müller, partner at Investor Global Founders Capital. “It is impressive to see how quickly a sustainable solution has been developed here that can serve the smallest SMEs as well as DAX companies or public institutions.” For example, the Cologne-based company was able to win over well-known large companies such as Vattenfall or dormakaba, but also, for example, a faction in the German Bundestag.

With the fresh capital, the product is now to be expanded with further features and even faster a critical market share in DACH is achieved. “We see a very strong interest in our product – especially in comparison to existing solutions, against which we distinguish ourselves as more modern and significantly more user-focused. That is why we would like to achieve our local goal, the market leadership in the DACH market, with further investments in marketing and sales in the year,”” says Schaefer. In addition, the international expansion of the platform, which is already available in 13 languages, is to be further advanced.

“We want to fundamentally change the way people learn digital skills – away from a passive to an activating learning mode,” adds Hellemann, “we promise our customers: with our solution, the transfer of digital skills from compulsory exercise becomes an exciting experience.”

About SoSafe

The SoSafe awareness platform sensitizes and trains employees in dealing with the topic of IT security. Phishing simulations and interactive e-learnings teach employees effectively and sustainably what to pay particular attention to e.g. when using e-mails, passwords, or social media. The employer receives differentiated reporting and can finally make awareness building measurable – completely GDPR-compliant of course.