The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is the annual month of action on cyber security, with numerous digital activities around the topic. Of course, SoSafe is part of it once again! Here you can find all important information about the ECSM, current topics and campaigns as well as SoSafe’s contribution – the free phishing test including current corona phishing tactics.

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What is the ECSM?

Every year in October, the Europe-wide month of action sensitizes to and informs about cyber security. In 2019, 100 partner organizations in Germany alone with almost 200 campaigns took part. The month addresses individuals, companies and organizations alike in order to bring the topic of cyber security to the attention of the broad masses. The aim is to raise awareness for a responsible approach to all kinds of cyber topics and to help projects that deal with IT security all year round gain greater visibility. Coordinator of the ECSM in Germany is the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the associated Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS), in which SoSafe is active as a partner. On a European level, the month of action is organized by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).

What are the topics and actions?

The month covers a wide range of topics, such as emerging technologies, basic IT protection, password security and protection against phishing and malware. The ECSM 2020 focuses mainly on digital literacy and online fraud. A wide variety of formats are possible as contributions, from web seminars to social media campaigns, guides and much more. The initiatives and entries are offered by various institutions from government, business and science – everyone who is involved in the topic of cyber security can make a contribution. The offers are therefore also intended for a broad target group. Private individuals, specialists and employees of organizations and companies will all find what they are looking for in the ECSM calendar. Here you will find an overview of theactions and dates in Germany.

ECSM Focus 2020 – Digital literacy and online fraud

This year, the ECSM highlights the human factor. What basic protection measures should everyone know? Which security-relevant developments should you consider? Which methods do cyber criminals use and how can you protect yourself against them? These are all questions that SoSafe teams ask themselves on a daily basis and the answers to which form the heart of SoSafe Awareness Training. We are therefore happy to make a contribution to the ECSM in order to sensitize people to the important, but unfortunately often rather dry topic of IT security.

SoSafe’s entry: Free phishing test with corona phishing tactics

Under the motto “Do you recognize all phishing mails?” the website by SoSafe and botfrei invites you to check your own phishing knowledge. Phishing mails are the most common entry point for cyber criminals. Fake emails are sent by supposedly trustworthy institutions or persons. Their aim is to take control of the computer system of those affected and obtain sensitive data such as addresses, passwords or even credit card details. Such phishing emails are sometimes easy to identify as spam, but often require a trained eye and knowledge of what exactly needs to be watched. As part of the European Cyber Security Month, our free phishing test goes into the second round – with a special focus on the Corona virus and remote work. In the course of the crisis, the number of cyber attacks has risen drastically, and hackers are exploiting the insecure situation for their own purposes. In addition, since the outbreak of the pandemic, many have been confronted with completely new working environments and tools which also increases the potential for attacks. With the free phishing test you can do two things at once: You can put your spam filter to the test and see how many of the emails end up in your mailbox. And you can check whether you are falling for the phishing mails yourself or whether you would recognize them immediately. Of course, the test is free of charge and without risk for you and your device. The emails are sample emails which are also used in the SoSafe awareness training in the course of the phishing simulation.

To the free-of-charge phishing test

About SoSafe

SoSafe’s awareness platform continuously sensitizes and trains employees in dealing with the topic of IT security. Phishing simulations and interactive e-learnings teach employees in an effective and sustainable way, which is something to pay particular attention to when using e-mails, passwords or social media. The company receives an anonymous but differentiated reporting and can make awareness building measurable – completely GDPR compliant.