SoSafe has been recognized in Now Tech report for "Security Awareness and Training, Q4 2021"

  • SoSafe, one of the leading security awareness platform providers in Europe, has been recognized in the “Now Tech: Security Awareness and Training, Q4 2021” report.
  • The report’s analysis shows that clients are using SA&T providers to measure human risk, focus resources, and shape culture.

SoSafe, one of the leading security awareness platform providers in Europe, was listed in the Forrester report “Now Tech: Security Awareness and Training, Q4 2021” as the only provider from the DACH market. The report was published by independent research firm, Forrester Research Inc. To SoSafe, the inclusion demonstrates global recognition and adds to SoSafe’s rise. Over the past three years, the company has seen tremendous growth to currently more than 210 employees, and services around 1.500 international customers such as Aldi, Vattenfall, and Mustang.

The Forrester Now Tech Report independently examines security awareness vendors. The report is designed to help executives and cyber security managers select a suitable solution. To do so, Forrester analyzes vendors in the market based on size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus, while also describing overarching trends in the industry.

Report Finding: Awareness training should be made to scale security culture

One of the report’s findings is that the days when training solutions were used to solely meet compliance requirements are almost over. “While this remains the most humancentric market in the cybersecurity space, this human focus is no longer as simplistic as training humans,” notes the report, authored by Jinan Budge. “Some SA&T vendors are disrupting the market by shifting their human focus to measure the human risk, based on humans’ actual behaviors or sentiments about security. By doing so, they have the ability to not only train people, but demonstrate how changes in behavior reduce actual cybersecurity incidents”.

SoSafe was listed in the “comprehensive security awareness and training” (SA&T) functionality segment. Comprehensive SA&T providers have high functionality in training customization, as well as in reporting capability and behavioral coverage. According to the report, comprehensive SA&T vendors “focus on awareness, training, education, and phishing (…). Many are now extending their offerings to include excellent content, data-driven human risk quantification, security culture profiling, or a combination of these.”

“We are very proud and excited about the Forrester listing. From day one, we at SoSafe have always believed that insights from behavioral psychology are critical to a new generation of security awareness training. Our solution puts people’s needs first and makes human risk measurable. For example, our e-learning modules include deeply integrated gamification to further motivate the users. With this, our customers increase their user participation by more than 40 percent. Ultimately, employees become part of a strong human firewall, enhancing their organization’s security culture,” says Dr. Niklas Hellemann, psychologist and Managing Director of SoSafe.

You can download the full report here: https://lp.sosafe.de/en/forrester

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