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A data-driven cyber security stance

Leader in technological innovation and business consulting


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Our customer, founded in 1963, is a leader in technological innovation and business consulting. Operating as a holding company owned by managing partners and employees, it employs over 600 people. With revenue of €129 million in 2022, its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, and it has branch offices across Switzerland, Germany, Poland, the USA, and China. The company specializes in various sectors, including business advisory, building and energy technology, product lifecycle management, and more.

“Integrating SoSafe with Power BI has revolutionized our approach to human risk management. We now transform data into actionable insights, significantly strengthening our cyber security framework and minimizing the potential for human error.”

Chief Information Officer


Consolidating and better assessing risky behaviors

A leader in technological innovation and business consulting wanted to integrate a human risk management solution with its business intelligence platform to consolidate and better assess risky behaviors across the organization. This integration was critical to enabling their cyber security team to efficiently identify, analyze, and mitigate people-related security risks, thereby improving their overall cyber security posture.


A platform with integration capabilities for Power BI

SoSafe’s platform provided them with a streamlined solution with out-of-the-box integration capabilities for Power BI, enabling seamless data analysis and visualization of cyber security risks. This integration enabled a comprehensive view of human risk factors, enhancing their ability to proactively address and mitigate cyber security threats through targeted interventions.


Achieving a proactive cyber security stance through data-driven insights

After integrating SoSafe’s platform, our client achieved a proactive cyber security posture that was empowered by data-driven insights. This approach allowed them to not only identify and mitigate risks more effectively but also foster a culture of security and accountability across the organization. Data integration with Power BI gave them the tools they needed to anticipate threats and tailor cyber security education to address specific vulnerabilities, resulting in a stronger, more resilient cyber security posture.

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