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Boosting cyber safety

Leader in mechanical engineering



Our customer is a global provider of thermoforming systems, packaging systems, and tool systems. They deliver innovative solutions for creating plastic and cardboard packaging, offering everything from development to production. Their expertise spans a range of packaging needs, including cups, trays, and technical parts.

“Our journey with SoSafe has dramatically transformed our approach to cyber security. We haven’t only decreased our human risk but have made our employees’ digital lives more secure, both professionally and personally.”

IT System Administrator


Creating a security culture in a non-digital industry

A family-owned European leader in mechanical engineering recognized the need to advance their cyber security measures. With 450 employees and a modest budget, they faced the challenge of increasing cyber threat awareness and digital competency within a traditionally non-digital industry.


Empowering their workforce with a modern, behavioral-based platform

For over two years now, they have been using SoSafe’s e-learning and phishing premium packages to educate and empower their workforce. The old limitations were overcome by the employees’ enthusiasm and the palpable improvement in handling cyber threats, reflecting SoSafe’s effective human risk management strategy.


Enhanced security and satisfied workforce

The impact was evident–the click rate was reduced to 9% after one year and further down to 4% after two, while the interaction rate dropped to 50% and then to 37%. This transformation led to a more secure company, content employees, and appreciative leadership.

Secure your organization’s human layer in security

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