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Construction company


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The company specializes in building security technology, metal construction, and offers a wide range of services, including door automation, locking systems, access control, and more, providing comprehensive solutions for individual construction projects.

“I’m truly impressed by the speed and effectiveness of our collaboration with SoSafe. Initially, I was skeptical about our timeline, but the results speak for themselves. It’s been an exciting journey, particularly seeing the positive shift in our cyber security culture and human risk management. Great work, team!”

Lead Project Manager


Rapid enhancement of data protection and human risk management

This company urgently needed to strengthen its data protection measures and address human risk management within its growing organization. With a customer base of 300 users, the challenge was to quickly implement a comprehensive solution that addressed the human aspects of cyber security.


Streamlined SoSafe implementation for comprehensive security

To tackle these challenges, they partnered with SoSafe for a fast-paced yet thorough implementation process, which included: 

  • Customized phishing templates: Adapting the templates to their unique needs to achieve a better learning effect. 
  • Seamless user base integration: Utilizing Microsoft Entra and Single Sign-On, coupled with targeted training lessons, to promote a seamless and secure user experience, reinforcing the importance of personalized training in maintaining cyber security. 

Quick deployment with a key focus on human risk management

This strategic approach led to exceptional achievements: 

  • Fast implementation: The setup was completed within 10 working days, successfully combining data protection lessons with best human risk management practices. 
  • Elevated security awareness and satisfaction: The initiative was highly praised for its efficiency and effectiveness in enhancing the security culture within their group of companies. 
  • Sustainable security culture: The successful implementation marked the beginning of a lasting partnership with SoSafe, setting a solid foundation for continuous improvement in human-centered security practices. 

Secure your organization’s human layer in security

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