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Fast-track to TISAX compliance

Customized mechatronic solutions provider


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This customer specializes in developing customized mechatronic solutions for the automotive industry, covering the full product lifecycle from requirements specification to system development and production. The company prides itself on its innovative spirit, quality assurance through certified processes, and a global network of partners.

“In facing the TISAX audit with such a tight deadline, we turned to SoSafe as our lifeline. The immediate implementation and targeted training were crucial in our successful audit preparation. Not only did we secure our certification, but we also reinforced the importance of cyber security awareness in our daily operations. This experience was a testament to the power of effective preparation and the vital role of human risk management in navigating compliance challenges.”

Chief Information Security Officer


Race against time for TISAX compliance

This customer found itself in a precarious position with only a month left to prepare for a crucial TISAX audit on cyber security training, a critical oversight that jeopardized their certification and operational compliance. This situation underscored the need for swift action in human risk management and cyber security awareness to meet the stringent requirements of the audit.


Fast-track to compliance with SoSafe

To address this urgent challenge, they turned to SoSafe for a rapid deployment solution. By carefully assessing their specific needs and selecting targeted e-learning lessons, along with leveraging SoSafe Analytics for real-time insights, they were equipped to prepare for the TISAX audit efficiently and effectively.


Achieving TISAX certification and preserving reputation

The outcome was a resounding success. The company not only passed the TISAX audit but also strengthened its standing with business partners, ensuring operational continuity and preserving the job of the team member responsible for the certification. This achievement underscores the essential role of proactive cyber security training in human risk management and securing trust within the automotive sector.

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