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Cutting phishing risk in half

Leader in the manufacturing of vacuum and pneumatic equipment


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Our customer is renowned across various industries for its vacuum pumps, compressors, and pneumatic systems, which are available as both individual components and complete system solutions.

“Our journey with SoSafe has been a game-changer, reducing our phishing risk almost in half. But beyond the numbers, we’ve ignited a company-wide dialogue about the importance of cyber security. The fast and seamless implementation of SoSafe’s e-learning program has increased our human risk management by making it a celebrated topic in our corridors.”

Head of IT Security


Tackling a high phishing risk

A globally recognized leader in the manufacturing of vacuum and pneumatic equipment was facing a human risk crisis reflected in their high susceptibility to phishing attacks, with an initial click rate of 27%. This meant that more than one in four simulated phishing attempts were successful, a statistic that put them at significant risk of cyber incidents and data breaches. The stark figure showed that they needed not only a technological solution but also a human-centric approach to improve their human risk management.


Empowering employees through targeted training

They implemented SoSafe’s premium e-learning and phishing simulations and launched a strategic campaign to empower employees. The solution helped them engage and educate employees to become the first line of defense against cyber threats. The program was carefully designed to drive behavioral change, foster a security-first mindset, and improve the company’s overall human risk management framework.


A culture shift and improved cyber resilience

The results were impressive and immediate. By the follow-up phase, the phishing click-through rate had dropped by 12%, demonstrating a significant improvement in employees’ ability to identify and report phishing attempts. This change not only improved their cyber security metrics but also improved their security culture, as IT security became a vibrant topic of conversation in the workforce. The newfound awareness and dialogue around cyber security highlighted the transformative power of this effective learning experience.

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