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Exceeding audit expectations

A global synthetic rubber company


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Our customer is one of the world’s leading synthetic rubber companies, developing, producing, and marketing high-performance rubber solutions for various applications. The company’s products are integral in automotive, industrial, and consumer goods, contributing to items like vehicle tires, construction materials, and sports equipment.

“With SoSafe’s partnership, we transformed our audit season from a high-stress period into a showcase of our proactive stance on cyber security and human risk management. Their swift support and detailed reporting enabled us to pass our audits with flying colors and cemented their role as an indispensable ally in our ongoing journey towards a comprehensive cyber security strategy.”

Global Manager for Information Technology


Strengthening human risk management and being audit-ready

This global synthetic rubber company needed a robust human risk management solution to prepare for the upcoming audit season. SoSafe’s implementation went smoothly and very quickly, and they were live in March. However, the real test came with the last-minute meeting request in June, where SoSafe’s resources were pivotal for their internal audit preparations.


SoSafe’s support in enhancing audit confidence

SoSafe provided them with immediate assistance and materials, enhancing their human risk strategies to address and comply with strict security audit requirements. This support included comprehensive reporting tools and detailed documentation, equipping them to showcase proactive cyber security efforts in managing their human risk.


Successful audit and long-term cyber security strategy

By September, they not only passed their external audits with distinction but also laid down a roadmap for future cyber security initiatives. SoSafe’s involvement proved essential, not only for compliance but for bolstering the human aspect of their cyber security defense, ensuring continuous risk management and employee engagement.

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