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Bridging the gap in compliance training engagement

Leader in the pharmaceutical industry


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With a history dating back to the 1800s, this company has established itself as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, combining tradition with innovation to promote health and well-being through its extensive range of products.

“The transformation within our group from passive compliance to active advocacy has been remarkable. By integrating transparency and inclusivity into our processes, we’ve catalyzed a cultural shift towards prioritizing human risk management with SoSafe.”

Chief Compliance Officer


Increasing engagement in data protection and compliance training

This European leader in the pharmaceutical industry faced the challenge of bridging the engagement gap in specific privacy and compliance training. The traditional nature of the industry and the organization’s history required an innovative approach to cultivate a security culture and better manage human risk.


Direct engagement strategies enhanced by SoSafe

The group adopted a direct and inclusive strategy, engaging key stakeholders in business reviews facilitated by SoSafe to encourage open discussions about the importance of awareness training and cultivating a strong security culture. During these business reviews, key metrics were analyzed and discussed by all stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and commitment to improving cyber security.


A shift towards proactive participation in building a security culture

This approach resulted in a noticeable shift within the organization: 

  • Increased advocacy: Key figures became champions for cyber security  
  • Centralized awareness: Efforts were streamlined for better awareness and tracking 
  • Regular involvement: There was consistent participation in executive reviews 
  • Positive culture change: The initiative led to wider engagement and a culture that encourages better human risk management 

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