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Unified cyber security reporting

Leading mechanical engineering company


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A group of companies focused on addressing specific challenges across various industries, such as machine and plant engineering, environmental technology, textiles, contract manufacturing, and automation. They pride themselves on innovation through collaboration with business partners, optimizing products and processes to ensure efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

“Through the adoption of SoSafe, we’ve empowered our team with a state-of-the-art human risk management solution, setting a new benchmark in cyber security and efficiency.”

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Separate cyber security solutions prevented unified reporting

This customer faced significant challenges keeping its vast organization prepared to tackle numerous cyber security threats effectively. Its IT team was centralized, leading to constraints in bandwidth and limited time for the implementation and execution of a robust security awareness program. Additionally, the company was on a rapid growth trajectory, continuously expanding through acquisitions, having grown from 3 to now 10 subsidiaries, which added layers of complexity to its operations.


SoSafe unified reporting for each of the subsidiaries

To address these challenges, they implemented SoSafe’s solution, which provided: 

  • A single solution to cover their complex scaling issues, enhancing the efficiency of its IT operations. 
  • Rapid deployment with the flexibility for individualization to meet the specific needs of each subsidiary. 
  • Streamlined reporting that saved time and effort, allowing the IT team to also focus on other strategic initiatives. 

Streamlined operation and better human risk management

The results of implementing this solution were transformative: 

  • The customer experienced significant time savings in managing IT processes. 
  • The company fostered a long-term solution that complemented its expansion strategy. 
  • They could provide users with continuous training, ensuring adaptation and integration across all levels of the organization. 
  • Reporting processes were simplified, leading to a more streamlined operation and better human risk management. 

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