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Real-time threat monitoring

Leading online healthcare company


> 2,700

This company envisions creating a world where everyone can manage their health with just one click. They aim to achieve this by integrating patients, customers, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and health insurers into a single platform. This approach positions them as a pioneering force in the digital healthcare sector, focusing on streamlining access to healthcare services and information.

“The program not only reduced our cyber security risk but also cultivated a culture of alertness and knowledge, which is invaluable for the protection of our digital assets and customer data.”

Chief Security Officer


High susceptibility to cyber threats

A leading online healthcare company faced a critical challenge with its employees frequently clicking on phishing emails, highlighting a pressing need for enhanced cyber security awareness and education.


Targeted cyber security training and real-time threat monitoring

To tackle this issue, the company introduced SoSafe’s comprehensive cyber security awareness program, complemented by email reporting with a click of a button to their security operations center. This enabled real-time adjustments to the training, focusing on the specific needs and vulnerabilities identified through ongoing monitoring.


Substantial reduction in cyber threat vulnerability

The impact of these measures was profound, with a reduction of over 90% in clicks on malicious threats within just five months. This significant decrease in risky behavior among employees marked a crucial behavioral shift towards better cyber hygiene, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted training and continuous monitoring. The program’s success also underscores the critical role of human risk management in enhancing the overall cyber security posture, ensuring employees become the first line of defense against cyber threats.

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