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Our customer focuses on delivering high-quality patient care, advanced medical research, and education.

“Implementing SoSafe’s human risk management platform has significantly elevated our cyber security posture, making our staff more vigilant and our patient data more secure. The platform’s adaptability and user-friendliness have been critical in its successful deployment across our network.”

Chief Information Security Officer


Elevating IT security amid evolving threats

A leading European healthcare and medical education provider faced significant challenges in maintaining high standards of IT security due to an ever-evolving threat landscape and the diverse roles within its extensive healthcare network. Ensuring a strong security culture was challenging due to the many different staff roles that presented both logistical and educational hurdles.


Tailored IT security training

In response, they partnered with SoSafe for a comprehensive human risk management strategy, which included: 

  • Centralized training: A unified platform for continuous IT security training. 
  • Scalable deployment: A flexible solution adaptable to the network’s size and diversity. 
  • Efficient management: Streamlined management tools to save time and focus on critical IT tasks. 

Strengthened cyber security and operational efficiency

The partnership produced impressive results. Not only did it reduce their key human risk metrics by 90%, but it also provided them with: 

  • Significant savings in time and resources for security training management 
  • The training solution supported the network’s expansion, easing the integration of new staff and facilities 
  • Ongoing training reinforced IT security awareness across all levels 
  • Simplified reporting improved operational efficiency and compliance monitoring 

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