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Elevate your defense against AI-enabled voice phishing

20 November 2023 · 1 min read

In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, its potential for misuse has skyrocketed. Voice phishing, also known as ‘vishing,’ has taken a big leap forward with the advent of AI, making it more challenging than ever to differentiate between legitimate calls and fraudulent schemes. Ournew e-learning module, “Vishing 2.0: The Power of Artificial Intelligence,” is tailored to arm you against these invisible threats.

AI Vishing lesson

Lesson Insights

The lesson is a comprehensive learning experience that covers: 

  • The reasons phishing has become even more dangerous with AI. 
  • Protective strategies to safeguard learners from AI-based vishing attacks. 
  • How AI accesses and utilizes personal data for malicious purposes. 
  • The tools and methods AI employs for voice phishing. 
  • The inherent dangers of AI in generating convincing conversations and dialogues. 
  • Essential actions to prevent falling victim to vishing. 

Interactive Learning Experience

What sets this module apart is its interactive nature, allowing users to choose between two perspectives: the cybercriminal or the detective. This approach not only engages learners but also provides a unique understanding of the attack and defence mechanisms in the context of AI vishing.

AI Vishing lesson

How our lesson helps

Forward-Thinking Approach: Our lesson isn’t just reactive; it’s designed with a forward-thinking approach. Learners will be introduced to potential future scenarios, preparing them to anticipate and react to new forms of AI-enabled fraud.

Cultural Shift Towards Security: By fostering a deep understanding of vishing threats, the module contributes to a larger cultural shift within organizations and among individuals towards prioritizing security in everyday operations and interactions.

Cognitive Skill Amplification: Engaging with the module fine-tunes critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling learners to question and analyze the authenticity of each interaction they encounter. This amplification of cognitive abilities is crucial in a digital age where threats are becoming more sophisticated.

Don’t wait until you’re the target

Step into the world of AI Vishing and transform your understanding into a protective shield against the subtleties of cyber manipulation. Enroll now and secure your peace of mind in the digital realm.

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