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Get to know our awareness-building solution now and enable your employees to deal with cyber threats and IT security risks.

Business Email Fraud

If users click on one of our simulated phishing mails or enter data into a fake login page, they will be taken to a learning page with user specific information. Our cyber security trainings are completely anonymous and spread over the year, so that users are continuously trained.

New Now voice phishingsimulations are also possible by phone.

SoSafe Lernseite
SoSafe E-Learning
Icon Module

Depending on the package, our e-learning includes up to 20 entertaining modules as well as various awareness videos and is designed in a practical and interactive manner. Each module contains concrete recommendations for action and ends with a final quiz.

The content can optionally be adapted to your context and is also available as a SCORM file for your existing LMS including ongoing updates.

Icon Module

Our e-learning platform has numerous gamification functionalities which you can chose to deploy. These elements playfully motivate the users. They collect points and badges for completed challenges and modules and climb levels. Your employees receive personal feedback via a success overview. In this way, the learning success is increased sustainably.

SoSafe Erfolge
SoSafe Customization Branding
Customization Engine

Our “Customization Engine” allows you to customize and adapt e-learning and phishing simulation to your corporate branding as well as to internal guidelines.

Icon Process

With our phishing report button for Office 365 or Outlook 2016, employees can easily and quickly report suspicious emails to the responsible person or entity. This strengthens the reporting culture in your company and relieves IT support.

The reporting plugin integrates seamlessly in your existing security structures and is compatiblewith popular secure mail gateways, SIEM and SOAR solutions.

SoSafe Inbox
SoSafe Zertifikat
Icon Certificate

If users have passed all obligatory modules, individual certificates can be created automatically. We also offer other offline materials such as posters, screensavers, etc.

Icon Reporting

You can use our reporting dashboard to view all important KPIs such as click or login rates at any time. You can also, for example, identify the most successful psychological tactics, analyze user feedback or create an ISO27001-compliant reporting.

SoSafe Reporting

Our Awareness Packages

All packages are sold as annual license. The costs depend on the number of users to be trained and the desired scope of services. We are happy to help you chose the most suitable package for you.


Basic security training on the essentials of IT security
  • Included in the package:
  • Self-administration via self-service platform
  • Best-practice packages of 12 mails for a tailor-made phishing simulation
  • 6 fixed e-learning modules included
  • 6 awareness videos included
  • Access to evaluation dashboard


Effective IT security training for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Included in the package: All features from “Starter” and additionally:
  • Administrated by our team of awareness experts
  • 4 additional e-learning modules (a total of 10 fixed modules)
  • Evaluation by user group
  • Optional use of the reporting add-in for Outlook
  • Optional: International package (16 languages available), individual adaptation of e-learning modules


Comprehensive awareness training incl. simulation of targeted attacks
  • Included in the package: All features from “Business” and additionally:
  • 3 custom phishing emails for a customized simulation
  • Branding the learning pages with your corporate identity
  • 10 more e-learning modules (total sum every 20 modules)


Full-service solution with custom content and appearance
  • Included in the package: All features from “Enterprise” and additionally:
  • Use of the reporting add-in for Outlook already included
  • Individual adaptation of the e-learning modules already included
  • User group-specific Phishing simulation
  • Differentiated reporting capabilities via our Professional Dashboard

Feature overview of all packages

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Setup via self-service icon checkmark
Setup support through SoSafe icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Evaluation icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Evaluation by user group icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
ISO 27001 reporting icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Expert evaluation icon checkmark
Benchmarking icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Expert benchmarking icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Export icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
User feedback icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Monitoring & consulting icon checkmarkicon checkmark
End-user support (email and user portal) icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Admin support (email or phone) icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Phishing simulation (best-practice package of 12 templates) icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Spearphishing simulation (+ 3 custom templates) icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Expert configuration simulation icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Branding learning pages icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Differentiated delivery icon checkmark
Access SoSafe learning platform icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Continuous updates icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
Learning videos 6666
Interactive learning modules 6102121
Certificate icon checkmarkicon checkmarkicon checkmark
SCORM streaming icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Assessment test icon checkmarkicon checkmark
Phishing message button (optional)(optional)icon checkmark
International package (22 languages available) (optional)(optional)(optional)
Placeholders in e-learning (optional)(optional)icon checkmark
Branding e-learning (optional)(optional)icon checkmark
Gamification in e-learning (optional)(optional)(optional)
More languages for 3 custom templates for spearphishing simulation (optional)(optional)
Printed posters (offline package) (optional)(optional)(optional)
Single sign-on (optional)(optional)(optional)
AD connection (optional)(optional)(optional)

Available in 22 languages

German, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, Czech

More than 15 ready-to-go industry packages

The attack scenarios in our simulation are tailored to your industry.

Branche Office

General / Office

Branche Medical


Branche Police

Authorities & Municipalities

Branche Finance


Branche Retail

Wholesale & Retail

Branche Brick


Branche School


Branche IT

IT Service Provider

Branche Hospital


Branche Truck

Logistics Provider

Branche Factory

Production & Heavy Industry

Branche School


Branche Faucet


Branche Law

Tax Consultants & Lawyers

Branche Travel


For companies from other industries, we offer a general office package. We are also constantly adding new industries.

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      Clear advantages

      Our claim: As safe and as simple as possible.

      Icon Installation

      No installation necessary

      SoSafe is a completely cloud-based service. You do not need any installation or system integration into existing systems. Predefined templates allow you to start simulations immediately.

      Logo Workflow

      Automated workflow

      SoSafe performs the simulations automatically, communicates with your employees and generates a report. You do not need any dedicated internal resources.

      Logo Security

      Guaranteed data protection

      Your data and the data of your employees are stored encrypted and the simulation is completely anonymous. Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is guaranteed at all times.

      Icon Location

      Made in Germany

      SoSafe is developed entirely in Germany and runs exclusively on German servers. All content (such as phishing templates) of our German-language mails is tailored to companies in D-A-CH.

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      Awareness solutions for your organization

      Self-Service (5 to 250 employees)

      With our self-service awareness platform we offer smaller organizations (5-250 employees) the opportunity to carry out an easy-to-use, yet tailor-made awareness building.

      Just like in a web shop, you can select the appropriate learning elements, upload your data and then start our phishing simulation and e-learning with just a few clicks. It’s that simple.

      Self-Service Portal

      You are interested in additional features and advanced support? We are happy to serve you with our managed-service packages including professional support by our team of experts.

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