At SoSafe, we fight to prevent and contain threats in the digital world every day. We help our customers to take preventive measures and empower their employees to act properly in the face of cyber attacks. Prevention is at the heart of our DNA.

We are currently facing a serious threat in the real world – and we must also take effective preventive measures to prevent the worst case scenario. That’s why SoSafe will switch to remote work mode from today and we have asked all our employees to work from home from now on.

Fortunately, this step is not very complex for us as a fully digital and cloud-based company and will have very little impact on our operations. Of course, it will be much harder for other organizations to implement this kind of change that comes with great complexities (including for example cyber security).

However, we strongly encourage anyone to accept this change (where possible), to practice “social distancing” and to take measures to restrict direct interaction with other people. We need to flatten the spread curve to protect our most vulnerable!

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