Why SoSafe

Where technology meets real people, you want a solution that blends both too. With behavioral science and enterprise-focus in our DNA, the SoSafe platform creates automated and engaging cyber security awareness training programs at scale. Manage your human risk, at very low touch.


Impactful ROI for global enterprises

SoSafe sets organizations up for success – from implementation, to management, to measuring and optimizing the behavioral change impact of your awareness programs.


Rating on Capterra: best-in-class customer impact


Days to go-live: fast implementation with managed-service option


Click rate reduction: sustainably minimized phishing susceptibility


Fewer logins on fake pages: continuously reinforced secure habits

Behavioral change

Leading in user engagement and behavioral impact

Our behavioral science-based training adds elements like immersive storytelling and data-enabled gamification to drive deeper engagement and lasting behavioral change. Employees learn how to spot, neutralize, and prevent social engineering attacks while loving the solution itself. They level up through a seamless and efficient learner journey with unified UX and UI across the entire platform. By receiving continuous and automated learnings adapted to their personal risk score, employees stay aware as active defenders of your organization.

Privacy by design

The highest level of security and compliance

Our roots are in Europe, the home of data protection law. We are the only security awareness platform provider operating at scale that is GDPR-compliant and follows a privacy-by-design approach. You choose whether e-learning and phishing simulations are anonymous, individually tracked and reported, or a mix of both. Whatever your needs, you’re able to fulfill all compliance requirements and ensure your data is protected with the latest security and privacy measures. We only process data within the EU where all our legal entities reside, so you can rest easy knowing you’re strengthening security in compliance with the law.

Enterprise-ready customization

Mass customization engine with SCORM streaming technology

Deliver branded learning experiences that uniquely fit your company goals, policies, and guidelines at scale across your workforce with our branding engine and SCORM streaming technology. Up-to-date content is streamed for easy accessibility and seamless learning via your internal learning system. With content employees recognize and respect as yours, reinforcing processes and adoption is effortless.


Low-effort and automated security awareness

Lean implementation paired with incredible ease of use lets admins save time while delivering cutting-edge cyber security awareness training. Our platform is fully integrated and comes with capabilities like SCORM streaming integrated courseware so you can avoid painful content migration projects, speed up your certification process, and easily keep content up to date. With a team of experts to help you roll out and manage your awareness programs, scaling awareness is easy.


Go beyond the status quo

Sophisticated attacks outpace traditional cyber security awareness training. Move beyond incoherent user experiences and endless admin efforts with a streamlined and automated platform built to keep you two steps ahead of evolving threats – continuously.

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1st Gen Security Awareness

Continuous and curated model

Effortless setup and maintenance as well as bespoke learning journeys to always keep awareness front of mind

Interactive micro-learning

Snackable and easy-to-follow e-learning content that sticks, with character-based storylines for an immersive experience

Advanced phishing and learning

Deep spear phishing customization plus engaging education pages including explanatory walk-throughs for every scenario

Scalable customization

Company-specific content and policies integrated into modules with low-effort branding options, for example adding colors and logo to all content

Content streaming

Automated content delivery and instant updates streamed directly into your LMS via SCORM streaming technology

Deep gamification

Level progression, awards, badges, and achievements for a fun and motivational experience and sustainable learning success

Multi-channel engagement

Short ‘awareness bites’ delivered via email with real-life stories and learnings to continually foster awareness

Smart reporting

Phishing report button seamlessly integrated into mail programs to continuously improve reporting behavior and lower threat detection time

Risk reduction tracking

Human risk dashboard with comprehensive analytics including contextual data, technical and psychological KPIs, as well as phishing reports

Audit-ready reporting

Audit-ready dashboard to make reporting easy for ISO 27001, IEC-27001, TISAX, and more

Fully GDPR-compliant

Compliance with all data protection and privacy laws with all legal entities residing within the EU as well as a Privacy by Design approach


From onboarding to optimization: Our experts support you all the way

Our Customer Success Managers will help you get the most out of your awareness program. From onboarding, to administration, to success reviews and consulting, they will guide you to ensure your people are your strongest asset against online threats.


Behavioral science DNA

Driven by behavioral science

“Traditional security awareness is broken. It sees people as ‘the weakest link’ and its primary goal is checking off compliance boxes. Instead, at SoSafe, we are putting people first and creating truly engaging experiences with one goal: establishing sustainable security cultures.”

Niklas Hellemann, PhD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Trained Psychologist


Companies scaling their security culture with SoSafe

Countless global companies choose SoSafe to empower secure employee behavior and strengthen resilience to human-related security risks.

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Build continuous resilience at scale

Sophisticated cyberattacks are continuously evolving. Driven by behavioral science and powered by smart technology, SoSafe evolves and adapts to your employees’ levels of security awareness and the latest threats to keep your organization safe.



Dynamic e-learning content that delivers engaging and personalized learning experiences

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Smart Attack

Phishing simulations that help employees understand, detect, and neutralize threats

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Strategic Risk &
Reporting Cockpit

One human risk dashboard to strategically monitor, manage, and prevent human factor security risks

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Scale your security culture with ease

See how SoSafe supports CISOs, administrators, and end users in building continuous resilience.

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