Beyond compliance and toward a security-centric culture

By linking SoSafe’s human risk management platform with your existing tech stack, we enhance your security operations and analytics insights. Move beyond basic behavioral shifts and compliance checkboxes to deeply embed a security culture into your organization’s DNA.

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Security culture

Leading global companies are strengthening their security cultures with SoSafe

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Better human risk management through integrations

We continually enhance our solutions by partnering with top providers, ensuring our customers access the most advanced and effective solutions available in various categories:

  • Security operations: Enhance SOC effectiveness and empower teams to quickly identify threats and increase reporting.
  • User provisioning: Automate and simplify user management. Save time, ensure accuracy, and deliver personalized content with ease.
  • Analytics: Centralize cyber security metrics and transform data into actionable insights that drive decision-making.
  • Collaboration tools: Boost cyber security awareness with instant alerts and first-level support.

Create more security champions

Our advanced analytics and integrations enable you to identify standout performers, transforming them into champions who amplify security throughout your organization. By aligning with your change management and cyber security goals, we accelerate cyber digital proficiency.

  • Pinpoint future cyber security leaders
  • Foster increased collaborative defense
  • Make security everyone’s responsibility

All the cultural building blocks you need

From immersive lessons to insightful dashboards, each and every interaction is crafted to empower employees, fostering collective security awareness and fortifying your organization’s proactive defense against cyber threats.

Learning by Doing

Learning by doing

Our interactive security awareness lessons immerse employees in real-world scenarios, empowering them to practice safe behaviors.

Sofie Copilot

Sofie Copilot

Sofie, our AI-powered copilot, empowers your team with instant interventions and micro-learning for new threats and offers an AI tool for security questions.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations

Our phishing simulations create a safe environment to learn to identify suspicious emails, and with the reporting button, employees can quickly flag real threats.

Phishing Reporting Button

Extensibility through integrations

Connecting cyber security tools with human risk management is crucial for driving rapid responses and meaningful impact.

Security Culture Surveys

Security culture surveys

Regular security culture surveys provide visibility into employee knowledge gaps and evolving behaviors, allowing you to refine awareness programs to the current company climate.

Human Risk Dashboard

Human Risk Dashboard

A human risk dashboard that visually tracks employee behaviors promotes greater security awareness and accountability across an organization.

Ready to talk about how to build a strong security culture in your organization?

Traditional security awareness treats people as ‘the weakest link’ and aims for mere compliance. SoSafe is different. We prioritize truly engaging learning experiences with a singular focus — establishing a sustainable security culture.

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A 70% reporting rate

See how Sport-Thieme turned its workforce into engaged security champions

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Since cyber security is widely considered a complex topic, we needed something that was captivating, easy-to-follow, and able to fit within our employees’ day-to-day work.”

Stefanie Boem
Data Protection Officer

Cultivate a resilient security culture with SoSafe

At SoSafe, we’re revolutionizing the game by putting people at the core and crafting learning experiences that build a lasting security culture.

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