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Reporting rate of over 70%



$11 million (2022)

With more than 12,000 sports products covering different areas of school and club sports, fitness, and therapy, Sport-Thieme is one of the largest mail-order suppliers of sports products and accessories in Germany and several European countries.

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“Day-to-day work implies that you need to take risks. At one point, you need to open that email and then open the attachment. Despite technology always advancing and taking a big load off your shoulders security-wise, the human risk is still present, and therefore, we have to make sure that our human firewall is well set up.”

Stefanie Boem

Stefanie Boem
Data Protection Officer

The challenge

Train employees to manage sensitive data safely

Many of Sport-Thieme’s customers are institutions, such as schools, sports clubs, and therapy institutes. This means they work with very sensitive and confidential information, making security awareness among employees a must-have.

“We run our IT in-house, so we were very confident that our IT measures from a technical standpoint were up to date. However, we noticed that we needed more than just a technical solution: It was crucial to understand how our employees were handling technology and security in their day-to-day work.”

Stefanie Boem

Stefanie Boem
Data Protection Officer

The Solution

Boosting employee secure behavior

Sport-Thieme uses SoSafe’s E-Learning and Phishing Simulation. As they opted for our Premium package, they can customize the content within SoSafe’s learning sessions with the Content Management solution.

“Since cyber security is widely considered a complex topic, we needed something that was captivating, easy-to-follow, and able to fit within our employees’ day-to-day work. SoSafe’s engaging and micro e-learning content and on-going phishing simulations fulfilled all that.”

Stefanie Boem

Stefanie Boem
Data Protection Officer

Development of a multichannel security training with:

  • E-Learning
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Content Management solution

The Results

Engaged employees and impressive reporting and click rates

Year 1 of training was very successful. Now that Sport-Thieme has entered year 2, they are using the Content Management solution. By replacing the placeholders to customize SoSafe’s learning content to their needs and adding their own policies, they ensure employees receive the personalized training they need.

“Our staff is thankful that they are knowledgeable in IT security not only when it comes to their day-to-day work life, but also they transfer what they learned into their private life.”

Stefanie Boem

Stefanie Boem
Data Protection Officer

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