Modern awareness training that works.

With memorable content on all areas of IT security, with measurable learning success and full data protection compliance.

Simulated phishing attacks

Our simulated attacks train users directly at the place of attack, their inbox. Everyone is trained according to his/her needs.

Modular e-learning suite

The e-learning modules (via LMS or web platform) consist of short videos, practical instructions & a final quiz.

Dashboard & support tools

All important KPIs available at all times: differentiated and easy to communicate. Phishing reporting button for suspicious mail simplifies reporting.

We offer our awareness solution as an annual license to ensure continuous employee training.

Our solution.
Briefly explained.

How our awareness building works

Get to know our solution and enable your colleagues to properly deal with cyber threats.

If a user clicks on one of our simulated phishing emails, he or she arrives at an educational page with individual hints. In addition, suspicious e-mails can be easily reported via our phishing-report plugin for Office365 or Outlook 2016.

Our e-learning consists of 10 entertaining modules and is practical and interactive . Our modules are flanked by short videos as well as actionable take-aways and a concluding quiz. Also compatible with your existing LMS.

Our reporting dashboard not only allows click rates etc. to be reviewed at any time, but you can also identify e.g., the most successful psychological tactic used.

Start a non-binding test run now and get a first transparency about how vulnerable your organization is to cyberattacks.

What our customers say

Whether SME or corporate – we serve customers of all sizes.

Tina Schwandt, Managing Creative Director


“Protecting our customers’ data is extremely important to us as an agency. SoSafe helps us in a modern way to continuously sensitize our employees to attacks from the network. The realistic simulations promote dialogue between employees and also sharpen their attention in the longer term. “

René Koch, Head of IT
Cologne Bonn Airport GmbH


“Strict security requirements apply to an international airport. The highest demands are also made to our IT. In order to ensure this, we must effectively protect networks, servers, databases and control systems from attacks. For compliance reasons, we must also prove this. SoSafe’s awareness building is an important part of our cybersecurity strategy. “

Julia Vincke, Head of
Group Security


“With SoSafe, we get direct transparency on how to improve on different KPIs and counteract them accordingly, for example through communication and awareness campaigns that address specific psychological tactics.”

Industry packages

The attack scenarios in our simulation are tailored to your industry.

We also have off-the-shelf packages for the following industries: Municipal utilities, wholesale and retail trade, media & technology, transport & logistics,tourism and manufacturing.
For companies from other industries, we offer a general “office” package . We are also constantly adding new industries.

Clear advantages

Our claim: As safe and as simple as possible.

Known from

Various media outlets have already reported on us and our awareness building.

The team behind SoSafe

From Cologne into the world – for your safety.

Niklas Hellemann (PhD)

Niklas Hellemann (PhD)

“As a psychologist with many years of professional experience in top management consulting, I have set myself the goal of staying ahead of cybercriminals – and protecting corporate employees from perfidious social engineering attacks.”

Felix Schürholz

Felix Schürholz

“Even for a software developer like myself, some sophisticated scams are difficult to detect – our tool helps to prepare employees for the emergency and makes them aware of IT security.”

Lukas Schaefer

Lukas Schaefer

“In various customer projects related to digitalization, which I oversaw at McKinsey, one thing has always become particularly clear: There is a lack of a simple, efficient and, above all, effective solution for training employees. We want to change this with SoSafe. ”

The team

The team

From IT security experts and white hat hackers to sales(wo)men and graphic artists, our team combines all the skills necessary for an effective awareness building in your company. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

You want to support our team? We grow and hire. Send us an email!

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Would you like an individual offer? Do you have any questions about our awareness solution?
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Background: Phishing & Social Engineering

Hackers and criminals are well prepared. A lot of companies aren’t.


of all users click on links in emails from unknown senders.


of all cyber attacks start with a phishing email.


of all companies worldwide are victims of targeted phishing attacks at least once a year.

Companies and their employees are targeted by fraudsters and hackers. And for a long time already, it hasn’t just been about account details. For example, the majority of digital economic espionage also begins with a phishing email. This causes an annual loss of EUR 5.6 billion in Germany alone.

Technical protection against hacking attacks or spam mailings is becoming more and more effective. Nevertheless, even with the best filters and firewalls, too many malicious e-mails still get into your employees’ mailboxes.

At the same time, the tricks of cybercriminals are becoming more andmore perfidious and sophisticated. And a single click is enough to put your money, your data or your trade secrets in jeopardy.

Our goal: To prepare you and your employees in the best possible way for potential cyber attacks through simulated phishing tests and accompanying IT security training modules. So that your data really remains YOUR data.