Drive secure behavior at scale

Cyber security awareness training and human risk management with people front of mind. Our award-winning platform changes behavior to secure your organization’s human layer in security. Fully automated and with zero effort.

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Trusted by leading global companies


Easily manage
human layer risk

In the current threat landscape, a strong security culture is an absolute, yet hard-to-reach essential. The SoSafe platform enables you to run enterprise-level cyber security awareness training programs with zero to no implementation efforts – and shapes secure habits that stick.

Quantify human risk and measurably reduce it

Deploy and manage awareness programs adapted to your organization

Scale your security culture easily and effectively

Fulfill compliance across various frameworks (e.g., ISO/IEC-27001)

Increased user engagement through gamification


Drive learning, adoption,
and insights

From fostering secure behaviors to delivering key insights, our single platform strengthens resilience to human-related security risks and social engineering across your organization.


End user review: best-in class engagement


Days to go-live: fast implementation with
managed-service option


Click rate reduction: sustainably minimized phishing susceptibility


Fewer logins on fake pages: continuously reinforced secure habits

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Visibly shifting paradigms

SoSafe’s scalability, ease of use, and ability to move the needle quickly on security awareness and risk reduction make it the catalyst for scaling a security culture.


Why SoSafe

To secure the most exposed layer in security, we need a paradigm shift. A shift towards the people. At SoSafe, behavioral science is in our DNA: Our platform drives user engagement and resilience – all while helping you check off compliance boxes.

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Our achievements

Human Risk Review 2023: Current cyberthreats and trends in security awareness

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Best-in-class end user feedback

Entertaining and effective learning experiences meet low-effort implementation: Both end users and customers love building secure habits with SoSafe.

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Scale your security culture with ease

See how SoSafe supports CISOs, administrators, and end-users in building continuous resilience.

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