Protect your organization from Human Risk

Safeguard your organization from cyber threats with SoSafe’s innovative and effective approach.


Elevate cyber security awareness with our foundational package

  • Selection of our curated cybersecurity lessons
  • Realistic Phishing Simulation templates
  • Access to our core Analytics dashboard


Expand your compliance capabilities with training that supports a variety of frameworks

  • Personalization on organizational level
  • Enhance Reporting Culture with the Phishing Report Button
  • Special compliance dashboard


Achieve unparalleled cyber security resilience with our hyper-personalized tier

  • Personalization through role-based content
  • Additional Assistance in the Phishing Report Button
  • Option to access the teams conversational Al bot


Unlock behavioral change through integrated Human Risk Management

  • All-in-one Insights through Human Security Index
  • Human behavior sensors
  • Automated reactions through Interventions Hub


The fastest way to reduce Human Risk

For your people


Accelerate resilience
Behavioral change 2x faster than with standard awareness trainings


Build culture
Increase user engagement by >50% through gamification and interactive storytelling


Reduce risk
Cut click rates by up to 80% in the first year

For your organization


Ensure compliance
100% compliant with global security and privacy frameworks


Protect resources
20 days to go live and 20 minutes per month to strengthen your security culture


Build instincts
> 70% users demonstrate active reporting behaviors in the first six months

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