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Phishing vs. Spam: What is the difference?

At a glance: What’s the difference between phishing and spam? Every day, tons of potentially harmful and unsolicited emails are sent to employees and private individuals’ inboxes. But how can you tell which of these emails are dangerous – and which are just annoying ads? Recognizing potential dangers quickly and acting accordingly actively contributes to […]

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White Paper

Gamification: For e-learning that sticks

Improve learning outcomes and strengthen your security culture with behavioral science-based methods The principles used in online games as well as popular apps are well-suited for not only private use, but for professional contexts as well. Data from our awareness platform shows that if organizations complement their cyber security e-learning with gamification elements, activation rates […]

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Home office package: For secure remote working

A dispersed team can create new levels of efficiency for your business. It can add vulnerability too. A more mobile workforce has resulted in an increase in cloud usage, unsafe Wi-Fi usage, and the transportation of office devices. This leaves sensitive data more exposed to third-party access risks. Home office cyber security means educating your […]

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The future of security awareness and training

Return to the people: The crucial role of behavioral science in security awareness and training  Join us for a 60-minute fireside chat with SoSafe’s Managing Director Niklas Hellemann and guest speaker from Forrester Research Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst. In this session, our experts will discuss how to effectively manage human-centric security and build next-generation security […]

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Case Study

Case Study – Vitra

Quantifiable learning success at Swiss designer furniture manufacturer As a manufacturer of high-end residential and office furniture, Swiss company Vitra International AG is a key player in the fields of architecture and design. And the company wants to be one step ahead of the competition in more than just design: Arne Blum – CISO of […]

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Best Practices Phishing Simulations

Prevent phishing by learning how to strengthen your human firewall with a customized phishing simulation. Phishing simulations are a powerful tool to increase employees’ cyber security awareness for all kinds of phishing scams. This white paper shows what’s needed to be both effective and sustainable when spotting phishing attacks. Increase your employees’ learning success with […]

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Human Risk Review 2022

Keep an eye on these cyber trends  Supply chain attacks, AI-based spear phishing and hybrid work – the cyber threat landscape remains tense. Cybercrime-as-a-service is becoming the standard business model, and attack tactics are evolving almost by the minute.  The human machine  interface still is the number one entry point – more than 85% of attacks start with the […]

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