• SoSafe’s e-learning platform now includes data protection modules
  • Modules are based on award-winning learning methodology
  • GDPR compliance can be fulfilled in less than 25 minutes

SoSafe, the provider of an award-winning security awareness training, is expanding its e-learning platform and now offers engaging micro modules concerning data protection. Employees are thus sensitized for this subject in an efficient and gamified way. With the short modules, organizations can comply with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in less than 25 minutes, thereby reducing the risk of an administrative fine significantly.

SoSafe offers data protection e-learning

Accomplishing GDPR compliance in less than 25 minutes

Data protection training for employees is an important compliance issue, especially since the European Union enforced GDPR in May 2018. According to Article 39 of GDPR, data protection officers are responsible to train employees involved in data processing acts. Organizations which violate GDPR requirements may be punished with a significant fine of up to 4 percent of their global revenue. The responsible supervisory authorities have announced lately that they will impose even stricter penalties for regulation breaches.

To support organizations in fulfilling GDPR training compliance, SoSafe has expanded its Awareness Platform in the area of data protection. With over 500 customers, SoSafe’s solution is already one of the most popular cyber security awareness platforms in central Europe, raising awareness of over 1 million employees worldwide. Organizations which integrate the short modules in their business, can meet the GDPR requirements’ in less than 25 minutes – and thus significantly reduce the risk of a fine. With the Analytics Dashboard, a certificate can be created automatically.

Engaging and gamified data protection training for employees

SoSafe’s e-learning concept, which is based on learning psychology, explains the difficult data protection topic in a simple and comprehensible way. Gamification elements make the e-learning content exciting and entertaining. After completing the training, employees will understand GDPR principles, but will also know how to appropriately respond to personal data inquiries. All modules were developed by legal experts. Since each module only takes a few minutes to complete, the training can be easily integrated into daily business.

Modern and sustainable awareness training

SoSafe’s cloud-based Awareness Platform is always up to date and can be tailored to include internal policies and corporate identity. Through its exclusive “SCORM streaming” technology, SoSafe also supports organizations with own learning management systems by streaming not only the most up to date, but also tailored modules to the users. SoSafe enables organizations to continuously train their employees and sustainably reduce their human risk – completely in compliance with GDPR. The data protection modules can be purchased as a separate product or added to an existing Awareness Package.

Über SoSafe

Die Awareness-Plattform von SoSafe sensibilisiert und schult Mitarbeitende kontinuierlich im Umgang mit den Themen IT-Sicherheit und Datenschutz. Phishing-Simulationen und interaktive E-Learnings bringen den Mitarbeitenden auf effektive und nachhaltige Art und Weise bei, worauf etwa bei der Nutzung von E-Mails, Passwörtern oder personenbezogenen Daten besonders zu achten ist. Das Unternehmen erhält ein anonymes, aber differenziertes Reporting und kann Awareness-Building so messbar machen – vollkommen DSGVO-konform.