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Make phishing attacks miss the mark

Within a cyber-aware culture, employees are the best protection against phishing attacks. Experience our product first-hand and discover how our simulations can help your workforce become active defenders of your organization.

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96% of phishing attacks are delivered via email

With one in every three users clicking on harmful content in phishing emails, employees must be well-prepared to better recognize and respond to these attacks.

Request a demo of our phishing simulations to see how SoSafe can help you scale your security culture.

  • Realistic emails designed to safely drive learning
  • Context-based walkthroughs for every simulated attack
  • Quick overview of performance and simulation levels



Here’s how it works


Confirm your e-mail address

Confirm email address

Enter your business email address and check your inbox for the activation email. Click on the link to confirm your email address.


Receive harmless sample emails

Receive emails

If you interact with one of our phishing emails, you will be directed to the respective learning page for the email.


Finish with a demo overview

Receive evaluation

At the end of the demo, you will receive a quick performance overview with links to all learning pages classified by level of difficulty.

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Make phishing attacks miss the mark

Discover how our phishing simulations turn your employees into active defenders of your organization.

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