Risk & Reporting Cockpit

Understand the status of your security culture from a single human risk and cyber security dashboard. Identify and address potential threats before they take hold in your organization.

Single source of truth

The key for
strategic decisions

Our Risk & Reporting Cockpit provides one central overview with deep insights into your human factor security risks with recommendations that guide the appropriate course of action.

Powerful and actionable insights

Increased awareness on human factor security

Easy to manage and address human risk

Highlights usage and engagement rates

Average interaction rate in phishing simulations

Psychology DNA

Driven by
behavioral science

Rich data and behavioral insights from the Risk & Reporting Cockpit empower organizations to continuously encourage secure behavior and minimize human factor risks. Gain clarity on the progress and success of your awareness program with a single and easy-to-understand dashboard including risk and learning reports.

Behavioral metrics from the dashboard facilitate quick responses and preventive action

Fully integrated phishing reporting tool analytics to understand how employee reporting behavior is improving

Awareness specialists consult on optimization measures based on risk factor reviews

“Extensive KPIs are a big reason why our solution stands out. Our analytics are driven by behavioral science, and enable organizations to anticipate and counter future risks. With the human risk and cyber security dashboard, awareness is always on the radar.”

Felix Schürholz Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SoSafe


Proactively identify risk
and measurably reduce it

Spot vulnerabilities in your human-factor security and proactively address them to strengthen awareness and build continuous resilience while remaining safe and compliant.

High-touch support

Dedicated customer success manager guides you every step of the way to get the most from the dashboard and its rich insights.

Strategic business reviews

Get your cyber security awareness training strategy reviewed after implementation for guidance on additional measures you can take to build awareness based on your reporting and KPIs.

Single, scalable platform

Track and monitor employee behavior across markets with cyber security e-learning experiences delivered in over 30 languages that all funnel data into a single dashboard for zero data silos.

Immediate phishing reports

Our Phishing Report Button helps employees stay aware, assists with identifying threats within emails, and enables quick and easy reporting of suspicious emails to the appropriate IT department in just one click.


We only process data within the EU where all our legal entities reside. Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation is always guaranteed.

Audit-ready dashboard

Our audit-ready dashboard and reporting make compliance easy and keep you prepared for audits like ISO 27001, TISAX, and more.


Companies scaling their
security culture with SoSafe

Countless global companies choose SoSafe to empower secure employee behavior and strengthen resilience to human-related security risks.

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