Elevate your human risk management strategy

Are you navigating the threat landscape with the most advanced resources in your toolkit? Discover our Human Risk OS, a comprehensive set of capabilities designed to help you quantify, monitor, and mitigate human risk.

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Leading global companies are successfully managing their human risk with SoSafe

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Identify risk signals and guide behavior in real-time

Our Human Risk OS, designed to help customers quantify, monitor, and mitigate human risk, consists out of three core elements:

  • Human Behavior Sensors: Data used to quantify digital activities, behaviors, and the security culture of an organization.
  • Human Security Index: Singular cyber security performance index created based on Human Behavior Sensors and additional contextual information.
  • Interventions Hub: Centralized location for all interventions done to mitigate cyber security risk, whether within or outside the SoSafe platform.

Secure sustainable risk reduction through our data-driven behavioral framework

Leverage the insights of our team of psychologists and learning scientists, who have crafted a validated methodology focused on personalized risk mitigation, fundamentally grounded in understanding and positively influencing human behaviors.



of learners reject a one-size-fits-all approach and demand content relevant to their work



of learners say that  gamification provides a greater sense of creativity, choice, freedom, and/or responsibility

Behavioral framework



engagement increase in the introductory phase with nudging tactics



phishing click rate reduction for learners undergoing our behavioral change program

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Discover the power of our Human Risk OS

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Learn how merging automated threat detection with behavioral science-based training can help you minimize security risks.

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In a world where everybody’s overwhelmed with information and doesn’t have the time to learn, it’s essential that employees receive their learning units cut into very small pieces, and then present it at the point of failure, when the motivation to learn is very high. One example is a learning page after you click on a phishing simulation email. Five-minute slices of security awareness training fit perfectly into a very busy workday.”

Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt
Global Director of Digital Advisory

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Click rate reduced from 20% to 3.5% in just 18 months

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Privacy-by-design approach

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Elevate your human risk management strategy –
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SoSafe’s awareness platform is engineered to drive meaningful, enduring change, effectively minimizing your security risks. Want to see how?

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