Make secure behavior second nature

Security awareness training and human risk management that puts people first. Our platform reduces human risk by leveraging behavioral science to sharpen employees’ security instincts.

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behavioral change at double the speed of standard awareness trainings


user engagement through gamification and interactive storytelling

<1 hour

to meet the requirements of key security compliance frameworks


users demonstrate active reporting behaviors in the first six months

We believe people want
to do the right thing

but they need to be empowered to succeed. We do this by:

Making training engaging

We employ tactics such as gamification, microlearning, continuous and spaced repetition, interactive components, contextual nudging, and storytelling to boost user engagement.

Simplifying where others complicate

We are laser-focused on simplifying, only delivering learning content based on individual risk profiles through our personalization engine.

Reaching people where they are

We go beyond content, offering contextual, continuous, and multi-channel learning opportunities to apply knowledge and internalize secure habits.

Looking at behavior holistically

By looking at behavior in its entirety – including cultural influences, motivational factors and attitudes, context, and emotional responses –, we address the full spectrum of human risk factors so you can prioritize interventions based on the highest risk.


Identify, prioritize, and
mitigate human risk

From identifying your high-risk areas to fostering secure behaviors, our platform strengthens resilience to human-related security risks and social engineering across your organization.


We integrate with the best in the market to continually enhance our platform and provide a holistic view of security behavior.

Because your
time matters

SoSafe’s scalability, ease of use, and ability to move the needle quickly on security awareness and risk reduction make it the catalyst for scaling a security culture.

20 days

to go-live: fast implementation with managed-service option

20 min

is all security leaders need to spend on our platform to strengthen their security culture


less time spent per user to get security awareness training through personalization


end-user review: best-in-class engagement

Why we decided to break the pattern

Traditional security
awareness solutions

only offer limited activity metrics to measure risk

focus on knowledge transfer that ticks compliance-boxes

bore people with large and generic content libraries

have zero focus on behavior or culture change

require complex implementation and high-effort manual administration

don’t make the
cut anymore

And that’s why our
customers choose us:

to move beyond compliance and effectively reduce human risk

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) metrics ensure optimal customer loyalty assessment 70 100 -100 Net Promoter Score


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Our award-winning platform will keep you two steps ahead of cyberthreats.

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Scale your security
with ease

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