About SoSafe

From Cologne to the world – for your safety. We are a training provider that specializes in cyber security and data protection.


Enter a psychologist, a software developer and a business economist… no joke. Despite very different backgrounds, we (the three managing directors) had one thing in common. In various work situations, we had experienced that in the area of IT security one element is far too often neglected: the users themselves.

Therefore, we decided to specialize completely in the topic of awareness building and employee training. SoSafe is all about humans: Why are so many insecure passwords used? Which phishing mail is clicked by almost every employee? How can knowledge be transformed into everyday action? These and other questions move us day in, day out – and our customers benefit from this expertise.

Niklas Hellemann, PhD
Niklas Hellemann, PhDManaging Director
“As a graduate psychologist with many years of professional experience in management consulting (Boston Consulting Group), my goal is to be one step ahead of cybercriminals – and to protect company employees from perfidious social engineering attacks.”
Felix Schürholz
Felix SchürholzManaging Director
“Even as a software developer, it is sometimes difficult to identify sophisticated fraud scams – our tool helps to prepare employees for emergencies and sensitize them to IT security issues.”
Lukas Schaefer
Lukas SchaeferManaging Director
“In various customer projects around digitisation, which I have supervised at McKinsey, one thing had become particularly clear: there is a lack of a simple, efficient and, above all, effective solution for training employees. We want to change that with SoSafe.”

Our team

Our team of more than 100 employees is also heterogeneous: from IT security experts to business psychologists to designers, everyone is there to exceed customer expectations about product development and project implementation a little more every time. We are incredibly proud to have built such a strong and high-calibre team. A huge thank you to all Safeys!

SoSafe team

Our Expert Advisory Board

From the very beginning, a close connection to expertise from science and industry was important to us. Our first-class advisory board supports us with strategic orientation, technical questions and the use of the latest didactic methods.

Prof. Dr. M. Angela Sasse
Prof. Dr. M. Angela Sasse
Chair for Human- Centred Security at Ruhr University Bochum, Member of Horst Goertz Institute for IT Security
Prof. Dr. Michael Meier
Prof. Dr. Michael Meier
Head of Cyber Security at Fraunhofer FKIE, Chair for Information Security at University of Bonn
Lukas Lindner
Lukas Lindner
Security Expert, Senior Systems Engineer at Fortinet

Our Network

Cyber security thrives on cooperation. We are therefore pleased to make the world a little safer as a member of numerous associations and in cooperation with strong partners.