As part of a joint project with the e-learning platform atingi and the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), SoSafe now provides learning content around the world, with a focus on the African continent. atingi means “to achieve something” in Esperanto – a fitting name for a project that wants to remove obstacles and provide access to knowledge. The digital learning platform therefore offers interactive learning modules – most recently also the “Secure in your home office” module by SoSafe. “We are very pleased to be part of the program and to contribute to digital security,”said Dr. Niklas Hellemann, Managing Director of SoSafe. atingi was implemented by GIZ as part of the global project “Africa Cloud” with the aim of providing young people with innovative and high-quality e-learning content that meets local needs and challenges.

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In many African countries, it is still a challenge to provide learning contents and services. Large parts of the population do not have access to existing educational opportunities, and only a small percentage has access to knowledge provided by universities, for example. Marginalized groups, such as women and the rural population, are particularly affected by low access to education. New technologies, such as e-learning, are that important because they provide easy access to education. The use is flexible, the knowledge is accessible anywhere and anytime, no matter from which end device. Interactive content offers a new way of learning.

The “Working from home securely”-module

The coronavirus represents a challenge for society as a whole, with implications for the way work is done. Working from different locations offers new targets for cyber criminals; almost half of all cyber threats are now cloud-based. Raising awareness of the special dangers is crucial. SoSafe’s Home Office module not only raises awareness of such dangers, but also provides concrete help and tips on how to deal with them. The module is interactive with learning videos and quizzes to convey knowledge in a playful and sustainable way. SoSafe makes the module available to 360,000 users via the e-learning platform atingi.

About SoSafe

The SoSafe Awareness Platform sensitizes and trains employees in dealing with the topics of cyber security and data protection. Regular phishing simulations and interactive e-learnings teach employees in an effective and sustainable way what to pay special attention to when, for example, using emails, passwords or social media. The employer receives anonymous but differentiated reporting and can so make awareness building measurable – completely in compliance with GDPR.