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The Human Risk OS™ and other key features: Everything we unveiled in our Product Premiere

14 June 2024 · 5 min read

At SoSafe, we’re thrilled to share something we have been working on for quite some time – a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize how businesses handle human-related security risks.  

During our Product Premiere event on May 23, we unveiled the Human Risk OS™ alongside numerous groundbreaking enhancements across our entire product suite. Here is a walkthrough of these latest releases.

Two pictures from the Product Premiere in polaroid style.

The three pillars of the Human Risk OS™

The Human Risk OS™ is your go-to platform for managing human risk, integrating all of SoSafe’s security offerings into one comprehensive system. This platform does more than just detect threats – it learns your team’s behavior and provides you with useful intervention suggestions. Loaded with essential tools for proactive real-time threat detection, ongoing analysis, and insightful behavioral analytics, the Human Risk OS™ is all about building a proactive security culture that enhances your organization’s resilience and tunes your defenses with smart, targeted interventions.

SoSafe's data dashboard showing the risk score based on different parameters such as awareness, behavior, and culture.

Human Behavior Sensors

The backbone of the Human Risk OS™ is our Human Behavior Sensors. These sensors monitor digital activities, behaviors, and the overall security culture within an organization. By integrating our SoSafe CSAT (Cyber Security Awareness Training) components with third-party systems like Microsoft Entra, we create detailed group profiles, offering a precise view of events and behaviors throughout the organization.

A screenshot of the Human Behavior Sensors in the SoSafe Platform.

Human Security Index

A key part of the Human Risk OS™, the Human Security Index, aggregates data from Behavior Sensors and contextual information to create a single index. This index helps organizations quickly identify vulnerabilities, track progress, and assess the effectiveness of security interventions.

A visual of SoSafe's Human Security Index displaying a central gauge with a score of 61 and three line graphs indicating scores for Awareness, Behavior, and Culture.

Interventions Hub

The Interventions Hub is where plans become reality. It brings together all interventions, both on the SoSafe platform and externally. For any group of users, it recommends customized strategies to reduce risks. These strategies include automated adjustments, educational courses, phishing simulations, targeted reminders from our copilot Sofie, or initiating a change management program. By focusing on specific behaviors, these interventions create positive changes and improve the Human Security Index over time.

Smartphone displaying SoSafe's interventions hub.

Introducing Sofie Level Zero Support, your dynamic security companion

Sofie Level Zero Support is not your average chatbot. Sofie is a cutting-edge AI-powered agent set to transform security interactions. Beyond answering questions, Sofie engages in dynamic conversations that drive behavioral change. From delivering rapid threat awareness to offering foundational support for security and compliance, Sofie empowers both security experts and everyday users. 

With advanced large language models (LLMs) and an intuitive interface, Sofie is an evolution from traditional chatbots and offers round-the-clock assistance, delivers urgent security alerts, and educates users on best practices. These are all tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Plus, security leaders can seamlessly integrate organizational policies into Sofie’s responses, ensuring alignment with company security frameworks.

Excitingly, we are expanding Sofie’s capabilities even further. Stay tuned for new use cases and channels that will enhance Sofie’s versatility and reach. As we continue to push boundaries, Sofie will protect and educate across an ever-growing range of platforms. Get ready to experience security support like never before!

Digital illustration of Sofie, SoSafe's human security copilot, with purple hair and green goggles, holding a tablet, standing next to an open laptop displaying Sofie's Rapid Awareness functionality.

Experience Personalized Learning like never before

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training! Our Personalized Learning Core is here to revolutionize the way you learn. Tailored to your unique profile and environment, it cuts out the clutter and zeroes in on what truly counts. Plus, with engaging gaming elements, learning becomes not just effective but downright enjoyable. Less time, more impact – that is our motto.

Visual showing SoSafe's E-learning dashboard.

Phishing simulations redefined

Our Product Team has also improved our phishing simulations to make them more intuitive and personalized for all end users. That’s why we now offer three different types of attack simulation models:

Visual showing the different types of phishing simulations inside the SoSafe platform.

Basic phishing: Simplicity at its best

With our latest feature, launching phishing campaigns is now a breeze. Quickly deploy campaigns targeting all users, bolstering your ability to respond swiftly to evolving threats. This ensures a consistent and rapid defense throughout your organization.

Targeted phishing: Because relevance matters

Our targeted phishing simulations are meticulously tailored to suit specific organizational roles, from IT admins to HR. By addressing the unique threats faced by each role, our training hits close to home, maximizing effectiveness and meeting compliance requirements for role-based training.

Behavior-based phishing: Smart, adaptive, personalized

Our most advanced feature tailors phishing simulations based on individual behaviors and risk profiles, which are identified through our human risk management dashboard. This adaptive approach ensures that each user receives training relevant to their role and aligned with their behavior patterns, significantly enhancing engagement and efficacy.

Closing the loop with Phishing Feedback

Phishing Feedback is all about keeping everyone in the loop.  When a team member spots something suspicious and reports it using the SoSafe Phishing Report Button, our automated system shares the analysis results directly with them. This empowers users to make smarter security decisions daily, reinforcing the habit of reporting. Additionally, we offer integrations with ServiceNow and Jira for added convenience.

Unlocking insights with key reporting metrics

At SoSafe, we prioritize data-driven decision-making. That is why we provide your SOC team with essential reporting metrics to bolster their defense against threats. These metrics, such as false positive reporting rate and mean time to threat discovery, offer valuable insights to optimize processes, save time, and enhance your organization’s protection.

Visual showcasing the key reporting metrics of SoSafe's data dashboard.

Tailored training for various roles

Cyber security training is not one-size-fits-all. That is why we developed specialized programs for different roles, including blue-collar workers and developers, alongside our existing offerings for IT professionals and managers.

Blue-collar worker training

Recognizing that not everyone is tied to a computer all day, especially in manufacturing, our training materials are designed to fit into the realities of blue-collar work. These resources, provided in printed format for easy access, focus on critical security practices necessary for maintaining operational security and ensuring cyber security awareness is integrated across all levels of the organization. 

Developer training

Developers are the frontline of innovation, so they need specialized training. Our program blends theory with hands-on exercises, ensuring they can apply cyber security concepts in real-world scenarios. Partnering with SecureFlag guarantees top-notch quality.

Seamless integration across your tech stack

We seamlessly integrate with Microsoft, Google, Jira, SAP, and other platforms to ensure a smooth connection with SoSafe, improving human risk management. We enhance SOC operations by automating feedback on phishing reports with Jira and ServiceNow integration. By integrating with Google Workspace, Okta, and Microsoft Entra, the Human Risk OS™ automates user management for targeted security training. Our data export capabilities and integrations with Power BI provide sophisticated analysis, transforming raw data into actionable cyber security insights.

You can also watch the recording of the Product Premiere and share it with your team.

The Human Risk OS™

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Discover all the product innovations we unveiled at our Product Premiere event on May 23.

If you are eager to discover how the Human Risk OS™ and its features can enhance your organization’s security, do not hesitate to contact us!

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