Frank Piotraschke joins SoSafe as VP Revenue and Growth

SoSafe – provider of a digital training platform for cyber security and data protection – gets Frank Piotraschke on board as Vice President Revenue and Growth. As Software-asa-Service company, SoSafe counts on Piotraschke’s many years of experience in various sales management positions in the cloud computing sector.

Internationally oriented SaaS expert

With over 15 years of professional experience in SaaS companies, Frank Piotraschke has built up numerous sales teams and driven their development. One of his core competencies is scaling start-ups and up-and-coming companies in the tech industry during their growth phase. “SoSafe has just entered the very exciting scale-up phase which I have helped to shape several times already. I’m looking forward to contributing the experience I have gained in the process,” says Piotraschke. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President Global Sales at the German SaaS company Staffbase, best known for its employee app. Within two years, he shaped the rapid growth in personnel (a tenfold increase in the sales team) and pushed the internationalization process. Prior to that, he built up the European sales organization for the Silicon Valley company Optimizely. For SoSafe, one of the next big steps will be to break into further international markets. Many of the current customers are positioned globally, which means that the SoSafe awareness platform is already used in over 16 languages. Now, these foreign markets will be approached by the sales team, as well.

Scalability in a phase of increased demand

At SoSafe, Frank Piotraschke will be responsible for the expansion and management of the sales department and for preparing it for the next steps ahead: “The founders have led the 20-person sales team through a phase of rapid growth. Now, the aim is to stabilize the established processes for further scaling and to consolidate existing structures.” In the medium term, SoSafe and Piotraschke are looking to achieve the ambitious growth targets for the next two years and to further expand the cooperation with channel partners, in particular. Piotraschke’s appointment comes at a time of a great increase in demand for training solutions in the cyber security sector. Due to the switch to remote work models and an increased frequency of cyber attacks during the Corona crisis, more and more companies are looking for effective solutions to support their employees and reduce the risk of attacks. SoSafe, already one of the market leaders in the DACH market, intends to further expand its market share within this context. “We are very pleased that with Frank Piotraschke, we have gained someone who already has extensive experience in fast-growing SaaS companies and very dynamic market situations,” said Dr. Niklas Hellemann, Managing Director of SoSafe.

“We are convinced that we have found the right person to move forward with our vision: helping as many companies as possible to build their ‘human firewall’. “

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