Meet ‘Sofie’: the new AI-powered bot instantly alerting workers to emerging cyber threats

16 August 2023: SoSafe, Europe’s leading vendor for security awareness and training, has announced the launch of Sofie, an AI-powered rapid awareness solution that revolutionises cybersecurity communication by enabling security experts to instantly share easily digestible, personalised security alerts with all employees, engaging with staff directly to promote continuous awareness and proactive behaviour.  

Sofie empowers organisations to communicate 1:1 with staff, ensuring swift responses to threats and instant alerts for rapid action. Security alerts and notifications are streamlined, saving teams valuable time when compared to conventional methods like intranets, emails and mass channels. The security alerts are bite-sized and engaging, while their impact is easily trackable by verifying reach and employee engagement. With Sofie’s AI-powered Alert Generator security leaders have the full capabilities to swiftly create alerts and manage the final messaging and wording. 

By integrating seamlessly into MS Teams, Sofie gives security professionals an additional channel to reinforce security awareness – bringing cybersecurity to where employees are, and seamlessly integrating employees’ daily routines with robust and efficient security-consciousness. This multi-channel strategy ensures timely and consistent delivery of alerts, improving retention rates and reducing the risk of security breaches. 

 Pierre Noel, Group CSO at Le Collectionist, Advisor and board member with several governments and Fortune 100: “Organisations around the world are exposed to cyber-attacks on a daily basis, with criminals using more and more diverse methods and channels to target employees. To boost an organisation’s cyber resilience, it’s crucial to refine all cybersecurity measures and bring awareness to where the people are – into their daily interactions and their main communication platforms. SoSafe’s rapid awareness solution makes this possible and strengthens organisations’ defence systems by immediately addressing risks and educating all stakeholders.” 

Dr Niklas Hellemann, Psychologist and CEO at SoSafe, said: “In today’s world of escalating security threats and increasingly professionalised cybercriminals coupled with remote work environments, organisations need to react faster than ever. But traditional training models are falling short in capturing employee attention and engagement, particularly when it comes to combating emerging threats that demand immediate action. SoSafe’s Human Risk Review 2023 reveals that the top challenges organisations face with traditional training methods are lengthy training sessions that eat away at valuable work hours, a lack of relevance and tailored content, and repetitive materials that fail to captivate employees.  

With the launch of Sofie, we can now deliver a complete solution including micro-learning sessions, on-the-job training with phishing simulations, and always-on, just-in-time learning with rapid awareness. As the first multi-channel rapid awareness solution in the security awareness market, SoSafe’s holistic approach ensures that employees at companies of all sizes receive a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.” 

Sofie is currently available exclusively through an integration with MS Teams, with a view to introduce integrations with other communication platforms such as Slack as the feature continues to develop. SoSafe’s goal is to expand its reach and accommodate the preferences of its diverse customer base, delivering enhanced functionality and convenience to all users.    

Please find further information about Sofie here: https://sosafe-awareness.com/product-detail/connect-rapid-awareness/

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