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Bilfinger is an international industrial services provider aimed at enhancing efficiency and sustainability in the process industry. They offer a broad range of services and digital applications across the value chain. Active primarily in Europe, North America, and the Middle East, Bilfinger serves sectors like energy, chemicals, pharma, and oil & gas. With around 30,000 employees, the company emphasizes safety, quality, and generated €4.5 billion in revenue in 2023.

“Recognizing the critical role of the human element in cyber security, we partnered with SoSafe to fortify our defenses against the most common entry point for cyber threats: email. By adopting a holistic approach that combines targeted knowledge transfer with practical, impactful tools, we have not only enhanced our workforce’s ability to identify potential threats but have also cultivated a robust cyber security culture.”

Nnamdi Ozonma
Information Security Officer


Enhancing cyber security through improved human risk management

Bilfinger recognized the importance of the human element in cyber security. Aware that nearly all successful cyber attacks involve email as a key attack vector, they aimed to enhance their employees’ preparedness. Strengthening this human aspect was identified as the main goal to bolster overall security resilience.


Holistic approach to cyber security with targeted knowledge transfer and impactful tools

Bilfinger chose SoSafe for their specialized expertise in knowledge transfer and education. SoSafe’s approach focuses on using tools that have a real impact on learners. This method involves mirroring real-world scenarios, which allows employees to apply their learning practically through simulations. The strategy proved effective in educating the workforce about recognizing potential threats and significantly enhancing the security culture.


Building a strong cyber security culture through continuous training

The implementation of SoSafe’s program led to a notable increase in threat reporting, driven by heightened awareness and more accessible reporting options. This improvement reflects a significant shift in employee behavior across all levels, from frontline staff to senior management, demonstrating a deeper understanding of potential cyber threats. The behavioral changes, along with other strategic measures, have fostered a more security-aware culture within the organization. Collectively, these efforts have positioned Bilfinger as a model for effective human risk management in cyber security.

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