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CURSOR Software

IT consulting and services


+ €11 million (2022)

CURSOR is a German IT software and consulting firm offering tailored solutions in customer relationship management and business process management across diverse industries. They specialize in digital transformation and innovation, providing IT strategy development, software implementation, and support services.

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“As an IT software company, we understand the importance of expert support for the success of a software solution. That’s why we chose SoSafe as our cyber security awareness provider. Their managed service levels and great product provide exceptional value compared to self-service solutions in the market. And the results we achieved together in increasing our security culture prove that.”

Markus Rohrbach
Head of IT

The challenge

Continually strengthening their security culture

As an IT software and consulting firm, CURSOR understands the financial and reputational costs of IT security breaches. To improve cyber security awareness among employees, they were on the lookout for a solution with quick implementation and ongoing support. With a dedicated expert to help them, they could also focus on providing excellent service to their clients while constantly improving their own security culture.

“Our customers value our seamless implementation and ongoing support, which enables them to grow their business. We wanted a security awareness training provider who could offer the same ease of implementation, with continuous improvements and suggestions on how to achieve better results.”

Jürgen Heidak

Jürgen Heidak

The Solution

A solution offering ongoing expert guidance and ease of implementation

CURSOR chose our Enterprise offering with full-service implementation and regular review sessions by a dedicated expert from SoSafe. That was paired with our interactive, gamified learning micro-modules and realistic phishing simulations.

“We needed someone experienced who could help us get the most out of the platform and boost our security awareness. E.g., guidance for which psychological and technical tactics to cover with our first phishing simulations. Our aim was to go beyond typical self-service awareness training offered by other providers on the market.”

Jürgen Heidak

Jürgen Heidak

Boosting security awareness with:

  • Interactive e-learning lessons
  • Realistic phishing simulations
  • Regular review sessions with their Customer Success Manager

The Results

Increased employee awareness, satisfaction, and click rate reduction

Test results for each lesson average 97%, which is a fantastic result achieved with the joint forces of CURSOR and SoSafe. Almost everyone in the company registered for the e-learning, and simulation click rates decreased over 40% in one year.

“We’re delighted to see our employees’ adoption of the E-learning, with average test results of 97 out of 100. They also loved the context-based walkthroughs that accompany every simulated attack. It provides instant learning when needed the most: when someone clicks on a phishing email.”

Markus Rohrbach

Markus Rohrbach
Head of IT

Why CURSOR recommends SoSafe:

  • Quick implementation in under 2 weeks
  • Regular consultation for improving results
  • Increased security culture as shown by employee test results and reduced click rates

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