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Managing human risk and compliance in no time

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Emons offers versatile transport and logistics services globally, leveraging over 90 years of experience. With a network spanning multiple countries, they provide road, rail, air, and sea freight solutions, ensuring comprehensive support for diverse logistics needs.

“As we made our way through the intricate world of human risk management, we found a guiding light in the SoSafe platform. It pointed us in the right direction for developing a thorough cyber security strategy. Our High Behavior Score, reaching up to 80 out of 100, really shows how dedicated we are to building a strong security culture. But it’s more than just a score–it’s a reflection of our team’s involvement and how efficiently we’ve managed human risks, all while keeping things easy and quick to implement.”

René Koch
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


Meeting specific training requirements for different users and topics to manage the human risk better

Emons needed to comply with various compliance frameworks regarding the need for specialized cyber security training, including data privacy and targeted training for specific groups like IT professionals. Understanding that compliance is the foundation of their security operations, Emons wanted more than just a compliance checkbox solution.


Framework and role-based training to meet and exceed all compliance requirements

They chose the SoSafe platform, which includes phishing simulations and an e-learning platform with framework-based (GDPR, data protection) and role-based (IT professionals) training. This ensured that all specific framework requirements were met without any compliance concerns for Emons and that the security culture was at a high level.


Achieving a high Behavior Score as evidence of improved human risk management and compliance

Emons found value in an integrated solution that not only met compliance requirements but also significantly improved its human firewall and security culture, as evidenced by a high Behavior Score of up to 80/100. This key security performance indicator reflects employee engagement with phishing simulations and demonstrates the effectiveness of the SoSafe platform in managing human risk. The rapid implementation and minimal effort required by Emons further underscores the platform’s effectiveness in promoting a strong security culture.

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