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FPS, a leader in industrial packaging, ensures the safe transportation of products worldwide. With more than 4,000 employees in 16 countries, 13 production facilities, and 19 sales offices, FPS is committed to supply chain efficiency by blending technical expertise with local service.

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“Since adopting a new cyber security approach with SoSafe, we’ve reported over 100 threats, a clear indicator of its efficacy. The multilingual options cater perfectly to our diverse team, and the straightforward setup and reliable support have made a significant difference in our proactive security stance. As a result, our team is better prepared, more confident, and fully equipped to protect our organization.”

Denis Ozerhan
Senior System and Support Specialist

The challenge

They needed a better user experience to manage their human risk

FPS’s previous experience with KnowBe4 revealed significant shortcomings, particularly regarding flexibility in setting up campaigns, effective communication, and reliability of their phishing report button. These challenges underscored FPS’s need for a more responsive and adaptable cyber security training solution.

We wanted dynamic, two-way communication with our cyber security training vendor and a very high level of service. Ultimately, we were looking for a vendor that could match our commitment to cyber security and help us not only educate but empower our employees to be the first and last line of defense against cyber threats.”

Marco Umbreit
HR and IT Team Manager

The solution

SoSafe: A blend of trust and tailored cyber security solutions

SoSafe’s adaptability, effective campaign setup, and high service levels solved FPS’s challenges with their previous provider. The platform’s multi-language support, realistic simulations, and reliable phishing report button helped FPS fully leverage their cyber security training.

Since implementing SoSafe, we’ve seen an increase in training engagement. Automated reminders ensure that training is completed on time, while the phishing simulation templates provide realistic scenarios that help our team identify and respond to cyber security threats more effectively.”

Denis Ozerhan
Senior System and Support Specialist

Making secure behaviors second nature with:

  • Realistic phishing simulations
  • Interactive and gamified micro-modules
  • Phishing Reporting Button

The results

With over 100 real threats reported, risk management capabilities skyrocketed

Since they started using SoSafe, over 100 real threats have been reported using the Phishing Report Button, which really shows how much their security awareness has improved. FPS also values SoSafe’s contribution to their ISO 27001 and EcoVadis compliance requirements. Understanding that compliance is just the beginning, they are excited for all the features that will keep building a strong security culture within their organization.

Our team is now trained and motivated to report threats. Also, as a market leader, it’s important for us to set the standard in every aspect of our business, including compliance with regulations like ISO 27001. The SoSafe platform has been instrumental in helping us maintain this standard.”

Marco Umbreit
HR and IT Team Manager

What makes FPS so satisfied with SoSafe:

  • Phishing Report Button reliability and Outlook compatibility
  • Multi-language support for their global team
  • Exceptional flexibility and customer service

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