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Founded in 1991, Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions is a leading international company for branded cleaning products and systems and laundry care products. Some of their global brands are: Vileda®, Vileda Professional®, O-Cedar®, Marigold®, Gimi®, Wettex®, Oates®, and Gala®.

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“In a world where everybody’s overwhelmed with information and doesn’t have the time to learn, it’s essential that employees receive their learning units cut into very small pieces, and then present it at the point of failure, when the motivation to learn is very high. One example is a learning page after you click on a phishing simulation email. Five-minute slices of security awareness training fit perfectly into a very busy workday.”

Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt
Global Director of Digital Advisory

The challenge

Foster secure behaviors among employees efficiently

In 2018, they already understood that some of the most successful cyberattacks start with phishing. Even if they had their infrastructure in place, the missing link was the human element – and they wanted to strengthen it as they had done with their technical measures.

“20 years ago, we had to make five decisions a day, and we had mail coming in once a day. Now, it’s every two seconds. We’re working in a completely different environment with information overload. Our digital competencies then become crucial: We need to learn how to work in such an environment and focus on what matters – also security wise.”

Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt
Global Director of Digital Advisory

The Solution

Engaging and continuous security awareness program at scale

Their main goal was to ensure efficient learning by motivating and nudging their employees. They chose SoSafe’s gamified E-Learning and Phishing Simulation and also opted for the Phishing Report Button.

“I like a lot of things about SoSafe. But one of the important points for me was the Customer Success Manager, who helped us to onboard and roll out the program very quickly, just in a matter of a few weeks, which would not be possible without advice.”

Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt
Global Director of Digital Advisory

Development of a multichannel security training with:

  • Gamified E-Learning
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Phishing Report Button

The Results

Involved employees and remarkable click rates

Freudenberg chose SoSafe for its micro-learning, phishing templates that are constantly updated with the latest cybercrime trends, and Phishing Report Button, which positively reinforces their employees when they spot the training emails.

“We gave our employees a constant stream of nudges. Not too many to avoid information overload. But we thought: If everybody is challenged once monthly, then they would have received 36 challenges after 3 years. That was a key factor in our long-term effectiveness.”

Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt
Global Director of Digital Advisory

Why does Freudenberg FHCS recommend SoSafe?

  • Click rate reduced from 20% to 3.5% in just 18 months
  • Privacy-by-design approach
  • Top-notch customer support
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