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+ €5,000 Mil. (2021)

Groupe Mutuel is a Swiss personal and health insurance company. Founded in 1852, it currently offers insurance for more than 1.3 million individuals and 28,000 companies.

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“SoSafe is a customizable solution that adapts to each company. By adapting the training modules to our context, we generate a lot of interaction with our teams. The easy set up has made us save an invaluable amount of time. Our employees are as satisfied as we are: They think the modules are engaging and interesting.”

Jeremy Richard

Jeremy Richard

The challenge

Make their security awareness training more effective

Before SoSafe, Groupe Mutuel used a phishing simulation solution developed by a Swiss company. However, the integration was rudimentary and slow.

“Before, we had to add each of our 3,000 employees manually. It wasn’t efficient enough. SoSafe offers a solution that is automated, professional, and compatible with the identity management service Azure AD and SSO. Besides, we have been able to easily set up our allowlists to avoid blocking any phishing emails from our campaigns.”

Jeremy Richard

Jeremy Richard

The Solution

An efficient, multichannel, and multilingual tool that meets the needs of this nationally renowned company

Groupe Mutuel chose both SoSafe’s online modules and its phishing simulations.

“Our last phishing simulation targeted the executive team, with an email about an outstanding payment related to paid leaves. 40% fell for it! Since then, they strongly support the campaign. They now understand that they can also be an entry point for cyberattacks.”

Jeremy Richard

Jeremy Richard

Development of a multichannel security training with:

  • Azure Active Directory to save time
  • Gamified modules in 32 languages
  • Targeted phishing simulations

The Results

More secure and sustainable behaviors

Groupe Mutuel chose SoSafe for its multilingual approach, its GDPR compliance, and its fast implementation. They value having a dedicated person who fosters smooth and efficient collaboration for the two departments involved (IT for the phishing campaign and HR for the training).

“It made sense that the phishing simulations and the online training were conceived individually because they are managed by two different teams (CISO and HR). SoSafe interacts with two different main contacts in our company, which makes everything much easier.”

Jeremy Richard

Jeremy Richard

Why does Groupe Mutuel recommend SoSafe?


click rate reduction


module completion rate


employee satisfaction

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