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The Handelsblatt Media Group is Germany’s leading media house for economic and financial information. It reaches over two million readers daily with decision-making media like Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche. Offering a broad array of digital products, new business fields, and conference and event businesses, the group is committed to digital, live, and innovative journalism, aiming to lead the future of economic and financial journalism.

“In the face of evolving cyber threats, the journey Handelsblatt embarked on with SoSafe highlights the crucial role of human risk management in every business. Our collaboration has not just been about implementing a solution; it’s about transforming our cyber security culture. Through SoSafe’s human-centric training approach, we’ve turned our biggest vulnerability – human error – into our strongest defense. This strategic move toward managing human risks has elevated our security posture and culture, marking a significant leap in our fight against cyber threats.”

Yorn Ziesche


Tracking the success of their human risk management strategies

In the highly sensitive publishing industry, Handelsblatt faced a significant challenge. Before SoSafe, they had no way to effectively track the success of their human risk management, resulting in efforts that couldn’t be measured or quantified. This led them to seek a solution that could provide clear insights into how well their cyber security practices were being adopted, aiming to keep up with external threats. Choosing SoSafe marked a strategic shift toward better monitoring and engagement, enhancing the organization’s ability to maintain security and awareness across their operations.


Empowering Handelsblatt to quantify the effectiveness of their security training measures

Discovering SoSafe through a recommendation, Handelsblatt was immediately convinced by our user-friendly interface and straightforward implementation process. They were drawn to the platform’s promise of simplicity, requiring no external assistance for setup and manageable by a single person. This accessibility facilitated swift approval from the workers’ council, underscoring the value of fostering open dialogue and a blame-free culture in cyber security education.

SoSafe’s analytics emerged as a vital asset for daily oversight, enabling Handelsblatt to quantify the effectiveness of their cyber security measures in a manner easily understood by the board, including those with non-technical backgrounds. This approach helped them quantify and manage their human risk.


Transforming Handelsblatt’s cyber security culture by detecting key human risks

The collaboration with SoSafe marked a paradigm shift in Handelsblatt’s approach to cyber security, from a focus on technical defenses to a more holistic view that includes human risk management. This transition was evidenced by a significant uplift in user engagement and satisfaction, with the platform achieving an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The key to SoSafe’s success lies in their strong emphasis on the human aspect of cyber security.

Handelsblatt was very satisfied with SoSafe’s Behavior Score, a metric that integrates key risk indicators. On a scale up to 100, the score went up from 60 to 80, offering a more detailed overview of where Handelsblatt needs to concentrate its efforts. This approach not only improved the organization’s security posture but also cultivated a sense of personal responsibility and awareness among their employees, making cyber security a shared and valued part of the corporate culture.

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