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Improving their security culture in a high-stress environment


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Klinikum Darmstadt is a healthcare provider who offers a wide range of medical services across various specialties, including emergency care, surgery, women’s health, neurology, and many others. They focus on providing comprehensive and specialized care to meet the diverse health needs of their community.

“By weaving human risk management into the fabric of our security culture, we not only shield our operations from immediate threats but also fortify our resilience against the evolving challenges of tomorrow.”

Benita Rojewski
Security Officer


Managing human risk in a high-stress environment

Klinikum Darmstadt operates in a unique environment where people are not seated at their PCs all day. When they do use their computers, they often do so in a rush, increasing the likelihood of clicking on a phishing email. The potential damage from such a breach could be significant.


SoSafe phishing simulation to enhance security culture

To tackle this challenge, Klinikum Darmstadt implemented SoSafe’s phishing simulations. This solution allows them to train and prepare their staff for real-life threats effectively.


Enhanced security culture backed by data

Klinikum Darmstadt achieved a high Behavior Score, a crucial SoSafe metric that combines several key phishing indicators, including click rates, which were reduced by 50%, as a testament to better human risk management. This reduction is evidence that the training was effective, ensuring that Klinikum Darmstadt and their patients are safeguarded against email-based threats.

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