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The LGI Logistics Group offers contract logistics and supply chain solutions that cover the entire supply chain. Founded from HP in 1995, the group has since established over 45 international locations and has over 5,000 employees.

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“As a logistics company, cyber security and supply chain attacks are very hot topics for us, and the attack methods are always evolving. We used to train our employees very sporadically, but that didn’t give us the results we wanted. Thanks to SoSafe’s great training and extremely high-quality phishing simulations tailored to our exact needs, our employees are always up to date when it comes to cyber security.”

Denis Karbstein LGI

Denis Karbstein
IT Project Manager

The challenge

Cyberattacks on supply chains: Risk grows for logistics industry

Supply chains are a common entry point for cybercriminals, and attacks often have far-reaching consequences for multiple companies at once. This is why LGI decided to look for an awareness solution that teaches employees about the special challenges facing the logistics industry and how to sustainably minimize risks.

“We used to send our employees phishing simulations from a free provider, but they weren’t very topical, so not much was learned. All the emails were sent simultaneously, too, so word of mouth spread before the simulation even reached them. With SoSafe, the phishing training is tailored to fit our needs.”

Denis Karbstein

Denis Karbstein
IT Project Manager

The Solution

Snackable learning units offer flexibility and continuously minimize cyber risks

LGI has integrated SoSafe’s e-learning modules into its own learning management system. This and the phishing simulations create a long-term learning effect that goes beyond simple audit requirements.

“Regulations for supply chains are becoming stricter, and the risk is growing. We don’t want to just pass the next audit – we want to improve our security across the board. Thanks to SoSafe, we train our employees on a continuous basis, and are equipped to face new attack methods.”

Denis Karbstein

Denis Karbstein
IT Project Manager

Significant behavioral change with a variety of learning experiences

  • E-Learning in internal LMS
  • Customized phishing simulations
  • Enterprise option

The Results

“SoSafe is absolutely what we – and many other companies – need.”

The drastic, nearly 50% drop in the interaction rate* shows that the training is effective.

* Number of users who interact with a simulated phishing email, such as by clicking on a link.

“What sets SoSafe apart is that the phishing templates are as topical as possible, and the e-learning modules are comprehensive. I would definitely recommend SoSafe. It’s absolutely what we – and many other companies – need.”

Denis Karbstein

Denis Karbstein
IT Project Manager

Why LGI recommends SoSafe:


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reduction in the interaction rate

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