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3.8 billion € (2022)

Mutares is an international private equity investor specializing in the acquisition of parts of large corporations and mid-sized companies (carve-outs) in the automotive & mobility, technology & engineering, and goods & services sectors.

“Mutares has been using SoSafe internally for three years, and we have been able to improve our click rate every year. We also recommend the training to our portfolio companies, some of whom have their own Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) while, in others, one person has to take care of everything. Either way, it’s clear that there’s generally room for improvement when it comes to employee awareness. I’m happy that, with SoSafe, I have a provider that offers terrific value for money, and that companies of any size and in any industry can use.”

Can-Andre Birol
Associate Director

The challenge

Finding a motivating awareness solution for employees and customers

For Mutares, a strong, secure IT infrastructure was vital to undergo its rapid growth to over 200 on-site employees within a short period of time. But what use is top-of-the-line technology if users keep pushing the wrong buttons? This is why the IT team set out to find an awareness solution that met the private equity investor’s growing needs.

“I was one of the first internal IT managers at Mutares, and I cover every aspect of IT, including information security. SoSafe’s wide range of gamified training quickly won us and our employees over. Plus, we have a solution that we can genuinely recommend to the companies in our portfolio.”

Christian Bardorsch
Senior Manager IT

The Solution

Scaleable solution for heterogeneous clientele

As a software-as-a-service solution, SoSafe’s awareness training is easily integrated with other systems. Admins and users can get started immediately after logging in. Gamified learning content in various languages makes it a suitable solution for a wide range of companies.

“For us, it’s absolutely necessary to have training available in different European languages, from German and English to less common languages like Finnish or Serbian. I think that the easy implementation is another advantage of SoSafe.”

Can-Andre Birol
Associate Director

Products in use:

  • Phishing Simulation, E-Learning
  • Plus: E-Learning Data Protection, Compliance
  • Phishing Report Button

The Results

3 years of continuous learning

The Phishing Report Button and Reporting Dashboard ensure that the results of the awareness training are always visible, and Mutares is seeing lots of positive user feedback:

“SoSafe makes our employees aware of external threats, and how important each employee is in creating the human firewall. We started working with SoSafe three years ago. When employees write to me to say that they’ve reported a simulation or a potentially hazardous email, we see how SoSafe is continuously improving our own behaviors.”

Christian Bardorsch
Senior Manager IT

Why Mutares recommends SoSafe

  • Easy implementation
  • Reduction of click rate by half
  • 5/5 employee reviews

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