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Electrical installation


With a rich legacy dating back to 1920, the Niedax Group stands as a globally respected, family-owned enterprise in the cable laying industry. Pioneers in their field, they deliver comprehensive cable laying solutions for diverse environments, from bustling industrial plants to sophisticated office complexes and vibrant sports arenas.

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“As the managing director of a production company, delivery capability is the beall and end-all for me. Thanks to SoSafe’s intuitive modules, my employees are now a protective wall instead of a risk factor. SoSafe was implemented quickly and requires minimal resources from our IT team. We are completely satisfied and are looking forward to trying out the latest features.”

Bruno Reufels

Bruno Reufels

The challenge

Navigating cyberthreats: A resource odyssey for a global family business

Before bringing SoSafe on board, Niedax struggled with limited resources for employee training and also faced the challenge of translating complex topics such as data security into an easily digestible and entertaining format all employees would enjoy.

“We simply didn’t have an automated way of training employees on information security, data protection, or occupational safety. Not to mention we couldn’t measure how aware our employees were. So, when the topic of employee training came up during an audit and our Global Head of IT introduced SoSafe to me shortly after, I just knew: This is exactly what we needed.”

Bruno Reufels

Bruno Reufels

The Solution

Passion for electrical installation – and cyber security awareness training

Established more than a century ago, Niedax is a family business that nurtures a profound passion for its products from inception to the final touches. To continue their growth in the forthcoming decades, it is essential that production runs smoothly.

“You can’t really put a price tag on investing in SoSafe. Instead, consider the opposite scenario. What would happen if your company could no longer work because all your data was inaccessible? It’s a moment where you’re forced to admit: ‘Oops, I didn’t adequately train my staff, and they fell for a phishing email.’”

Alexander Horn

Alexander Horn
Executive Board Member & Shareholder

Solutions in place:

  • Phishing Simulation
  • E-Learning
  • Manager Escalation

The Results

“No more cyber security awareness training without SoSafe

After seeing the benefits of SoSafe’s awareness training in Germany, Niedax decided to roll it out internationally.

“At Niedax, the SoSafe training has become vital. It’s an innovative tool, essential for global awareness training. As a project manager, admin, and end user, I recommend SoSafe 100%.”

Christian Metzler

Christian Metzler
Global Head of IT

Why Niedax recommends SoSafe:

  • Fast implementation
  • User-friendly and fun
  • Suitable for global companies
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