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Northwave & SoSafe: Human risk management alliance

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Northwave Cyber Security is recognized for its comprehensive cyber security services, including over 200 CERT incident responses, security operations, and behaviour training. With a team of over 275 experts, they focus on the technical, organizational, and human facets of cyber protection.

“The dynamic between our companies is like a match made in heaven, perfectly aligning Northwave’s innovative approach to cyber resilience with SoSafe’s behavioral-science-based training. This partnership is set to significantly enhance cyber security cultures within organizations.”

Inge van der Beijl
Director Innovation and Head of Expertise Behaviour


Seeking a partnership that supports a holistic approach to cyber security

Northwave has a very strong vision on cybersafe behavior. Although they are aware that e-learning and phishing is only one part of building a strong security culture, they realize that it is an important one. They were looking for a partner that aligned with their philosophy of building secure behaviors through Leadership, Landscape and Learning. SoSafe’s approach aligned with their Landscape and Learning component.


Partner who utilizes behavioral science principles in managing human risk

The content created by SoSafe, rooted in behavioral science, was especially appealing to Northwave, given their strong foundation in the same field. The blend of engaging lessons and realistic phishing simulations was recognized for its effectiveness in educating employees about threat recognition, facilitating improved risk management. This strategy, underscored by micro-learning techniques and the expertise of SoSafe’s in-house psychologists, combined with Northwave’s innovative approach to cyber security, ensures impact that influences behavior change.


Collaborative approach to cyber security with technical and human aspects

Integrating SoSafe’s training programs with Northwave’s security services delivered a comprehensive solution that significantly improved human risk management for these shared customers. SoSafe addition to Northwave’s Leadership, Landscape & Learning philosophy strengthened the value proposition of both companies. Personalized and behavioral training have resonated within organizations, creating a more resilient defense against threats. This was demonstrated by our first shared customer, who was able to reduce click-through rates from 15% to 5.6% in the first months after implementation. With Northwave’s expansions into other European regions, the partnership will benefit more and more customers.

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