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From random actions to a unified strategy

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For nearly 50 years, Serge Ferrari has been designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative composite fabrics for architecture and outdoor design. These top-of-the-line solutions combine durability, safety, design, comfort, and eco-responsibility.

“Before SoSafe, we lacked the means to measure and manage human risk effectively. Now, we can assess the performance of each user and the company’s security culture, allowing us to take informed steps towards enhancing our cyber security posture.”

Richard Berlande
IT and Security Manager


Random actions that did not help increase their security culture

At Serge Ferrari, cyber security awareness was limited to one-off actions carried out internally. These actions required a significant time investment but had minimal impact. Recognizing this inefficiency, it became imperative to adopt a more comprehensive solution for managing human risks to cultivate a strong cyber security culture.


Using SoSafe to systematically increase security culture and reduce human risk

Serge Ferrari seamlessly integrated the SoSafe solution in multiple languages. With SoSafe’s advanced analytics capabilities, they can now accurately assess risks associated with human factors and address them through targeted proactive measures. SoSafe’s analytics have been instrumental in tracking user progress, identifying unsafe behaviors, and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks.


Enhanced security culture and reduced risk for the company

Thanks to SoSafe, Serge Ferrari now has a solution that enhances their ability to maintain a strong security culture and a way to closely monitor their development in this critical area. Their users like the realistic phishing simulations and the training content, which also applies to their personal lives. A significant indicator of success is the 50% reduction in interaction rates with simulated phishing emails, coupled with high employee satisfaction scores, demonstrating a substantial decrease in human-related risks.

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