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Founded in 1949, SOS Children's Villages is the world's largest non-governmental organization focused on supporting children and young people without parental care, or at risk of losing it. With a footprint spanning over 130 countries, they assist families facing hardships, reinforcing their bonds to keep them united.

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“We needed a cyber security solution that could meet our global needs regarding language support and keep up with the latest cyberthreats. SoSafe provided us with practical examples in training courses and phishing simulations that have significantly improved our security culture. We’re looking forward to seeing the cyber security awareness of our employees get even better with SoSafe and all their upcoming features.”

Oliver Vavtar

Oliver Vavtar
Team Leader Network Services

The challenge

Limited resources for providing cyber security training

Maintaining cyber security awareness content created in-house was challenging for SOS Children’s Villages. Crafting current, relevant content was not just time-consuming, but also quickly became outdated in the face of rapidly evolving, AI-backed fraud attempts. And with their international presence, they required a solution compatible with multiple languages.

“Cyber security is not just about safeguarding our company; it’s about protecting our beneficiaries: the children. With limited resources, we needed an efficient solution that could provide up-to-date, multilingual content and phishing simulations. SoSafe delivered on all counts, saving us resources and enhancing our security culture.”

Oliver Vavtar

Oliver Vavtar
Team Leader Network Services

The Solution

Optimizing resources and elevating awareness with SoSafe

They resolved to enlist an external vendor for cyber security awareness, and the choice fell on SoSafe. They were particularly taken with its real-world examples in training courses and its phishing simulations that perfectly complemented the theoretical content. Implementation was carried out on a global scale.

“In a world where cyberattacks are a multi-billion-dollar business, we decided it was time to outsource our cyber security awareness training. We picked SoSafe for its up-to-date content, interactive training modules, and their high-quality phishing simulations.”

Oliver Vavtar

Oliver Vavtar
Team Leader Network Services

Enhancing their cyber security with:

  • Practical examples in the training courses
  • Realistic phishing simulations
  • Interactive training micro-modules

The Results

Cutting phishing click rates by 40% and embracing multi-language training

The implementation of SoSafe saw phishing click rates drop by 40% in a year. The solution, set up in over 20 languages, freed internal teams to focus on other important tasks.

“With SoSafe, we quickly implemented the solution in 20+ languages, reducing phishing click rates by 40% in one year. SoSafe team was very experienced and prepared, so they did a great job.”

Oliver Vavtar

Oliver Vavtar
Team Leader Network Services

What makes SOS Children’s Villages so satisfied with SoSafe:

  • 40% reduction in phishing click rates in just one year
  • Multi-language support, essential for their international operations
  • Interactive and engaging training modules that engage employees

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