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Improving their human risk management


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The REHAU Group is a family-owned polymer company that develops, manufactures and markets products for the automotive, construction, furniture, materials, medical and industrial sectors. With over 20,000 employees in more than 190 locations, REHAU focuses on the development of innovative products and solutions.

“We chose SoSafe because it offered the most comprehensive approach to human risk management on the market. After evaluating 9 different solutions, we found that SoSafe was the best fit for our needs.”

Matthias Reimert
Head of Information Security Architecture and CISO


Enhancing human risk management through optimizing SOC workflows

Before using SoSafe, Rehau had another provider. However, the platform’s look and feel were not appealing. One of the challenges was also the fact they were overwhelmed by a large volume of false-positive reports related to phishing, placing a significant burden on their Security Operations Center team.


SoSafe Phishing Report Button with integrated feedback function

A user can click a dedicated button in the phishing report button to receive quick feedback from the SOC, which prioritizes these types of requests. In addition to improving human risk management, the SoSafe platform ensured Rehau’s compliance with ISO 27001, GDPR, and TISAX.


Significant improvement of behavioral metrics and increased human risk management, with a user rating of 4.8/5

By engaging employees in the phishing report process and introducing gamified lessons, Rehau significantly improved its human risk management. The significant improvement in click rates (around 50% reduction) and high levels of user satisfaction underline the success of these initiatives and contribute to a robust security culture.

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