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High Behavioral Score confirms reduced human risk


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VR Bank Fulda offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses. They are committed to providing innovative banking solutions, including online banking, investment opportunities, and various financing options.

“Before SoSafe, quantifying our team’s cyber vulnerabilities was a challenge. The analytics from SoSafe have been a game-changer for us, enabling us to measure human risk, which has become an integral part of our security strategy. We’ve seen a remarkable 40% reduction in our simulation click rates and higher Behavior Score levels, clearly demonstrating the value of SoSafe’s training.”

Thorsten Seban
Information Security Officer


Protecting sensitive client information

A major challenge for financial institutions like VR Bank Fulda is strengthening the human factor in cyber security. Employees falling for phishing attacks can have serious consequences, including data breaches and financial loss. However, VR Bank Fulda recognized that employees are part of the solution, not the problem. They wanted to accelerate behavior change through positive reinforcement.


Measuring human risk – and reducing it with awareness training

To address this challenge, VR Bank Fulda implemented SoSafe’s comprehensive cyber security awareness and training program. SoSafe’s approach included not only periodic training but also continuous measurement and management of human risk. The platform enabled VR Bank Fulda to measure key metrics, such as reporting rates, click-through rates, and interaction rates with potential threats.


High Behavior Score confirms reduction of human risk

In just six months, there was a 40% reduction in employee interaction with phishing emails, and the Behavior Score increased to nearly 80/100. The Behavior Score reflects employee engagement with phishing simulations and demonstrates the effectiveness of SoSafe’s platform in managing human risk. The analytics provided by SoSafe allow them to track and measure various risks, providing critical insight into the human aspect of their cyber security defense strategy.

Secure your organization’s human layer in security

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